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The Studio

Our Aims


Here at Haus Mein Gott we have a goal: make our Brothers and Sister, fetish people from all over, to feel at home, in a safe, secure and sleazy environment. The name of the studio came out of a nice night filled with beers and cigars with German friends, who were joking on my family name, which is Italian but spoken by a German sounds like "Mein Gott". We added "Haus", as this wants to be home and base for a mission that is wider than the mere media producing: we want to put our two cents to keep Leather and Fetish culture up and running, especially for the younger generations. We want to produce strong visuals, but also keep up the cultural aspect of it. That's why affiliation programs are always opened and we are happy to co-work with others who have the same mission.

  • 180 square meters, Open Space.
  • Bathrooms with douches and warm water
  • Wooden floors and comfortable seats
  • Nespresso coffee, drinks and snacks
  • Gear to borrow or rent
  • Perfect for both photo and video sessions
  • Just a hop away from the motorway
  • No taboo, no Agenda in here. Be yourself. Be free.

The Studio - Pictures coming soon

Our "Haus"

With 180 square meters of wooden floors in an industrial Open Space, a private upstairs conference room, a bathroom and a big Warehouse, the Studio has all the space we need to cover Photographic and Film Productions, while having all the room for you to lay your gear down on our gear racks. You can have a coffe, a snack or a drink while we're working with you, and of course the whole area is smokers friendly. This is possible as Haus Mein Gott is not opened to the public, but it is indeed a private studio. In here, you can be just yourself and feel at home.

To us, your comfort and relaxation is fundamental to work well and be productive; after all, our fetish life is all about this: being yourself, lay back and enjoy. We like to adopt the same standards here, in the Haus.