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The slave's Mantra

LeatherBigWolf performing the slave's Mantra for educational purposes for the Haus Guests and Brothers

DISCLAIMER: We are not "pornstars". If what you're looking for is random pornography, there are plenty of sites for that. On HausMeinGott you'll always find real dates, no actors, and most of all real sessions.

Nothing of what you'll see has been staged, rehearsed, planned or discussed beforehand. Our mission is to deliver to you always, with no exception, real sessions coming from real playrooms, featuring real BDSM, real emotions and real pain.

About the Mantra

The Mantra is one of the most important traditions in a Master/sub relationship; it conveys a constant connection and link between the Dominant and the submissive and guarantees that connection to be kept everyday through a strict routine that allows the connection to be kept alive, wether the two parties live in the same location or not. It makes so that the Dominant and submissive are always connected during the whole day and represent a mean of commitment fundamental to give Structure and Stability through Formal Strictness, but also guarantees safety, continuity and Control.

It features a heartfelt Promise and is one of the main, and unfortunately less known, part of a D/s dynamic that was and is a golden rule in Old Guard Protocol.

Also check out how to properly fold and present your clothing when you get naked for the Mantra or when returning home to your MASTER; a quick and easy how to video playlist can be found


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