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19 Mar 2018
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Of Wolves, Dragons and Men // PART TWO

A cold Winter in Berlin It was a cold winter, the one we lived in 2017/2018. A cold winter made of many events, mistakes, conquers, disappointments. I am living so much, and so little at the same time tin this period, and I am somewhat grateful for it. Change is always about growth. In life you conquer and you lose, you have something one moment, you don’t have it the next one. We should rejoice of those moment we can […]

27 Sep 2017

Of Wolves, Dragons and Men // PART ONE

Berlin have always been a place I felt unnaturally attracted to. It’s not just about the Folsom Europe events and such; of course having one of the most interesting venues around to happen there makes it even more awesome, but it’s not about that. Since the first thing I set my feet in Berlin in 2009 I felt a strong attachment to the place. Like if I was closer to myself, to a target that I was in a way […]