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Tag : etiquette

09 Feb 2019


How to fold your clothes the right way Although it might seem something minor to learn and take on as a routine, it is very important for proper Protocol. Every single routine that we take on is a way of being strict to ourselves and educated, and from the dedication to strictness and rules follows a solid structure, which are key elements in defining a Leatherman (much more than owning any leather, per se). It comes from Army Life As […]

22 Dec 2018

The Code: who’s a Master?

To be a Leather Master Disclaimer: The Code: is LeatherBigWolf’s personal Old Guard inspired lifestyle Code and Laws. It is the closest to Traditional Old Guard that I can maintain. Other people might have different views. These are the Laws, to me.     A Master is a man who has gone through an initiation path and Ceremony, guided by a Mentor to take the Lifestyle path seriously and with full total Commitment. He has subbed for His Mentor and […]