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Tag : Cleaning

24 Jan 2019


BOOT BLACKING AND BOOTS CARE The following is list of materials in addition to one piece of leather (i.e., vest, chaps, leather pants, etc.) that each participant will need: BOOTS: • 1-pair (at least) of high-shineable boots. This means that they are intended to be shined, not the dull, oil tanned variety, and not the silicone-treated variety. *The below listed items can be purchased at most shoe repair or leather shops. BRUSHES: • (1) Dauber (clean) – to be used […]

21 Jan 2019


CLEANING THE LEATHERS AFTER PLAY OR A GOOD SMOKE. Today the smell of stale smoke is not pleasant to anyone. The dominant, if He so wishes, can have His leather cleaned easily at home after being in a smoke-filled room. This can be done by anyone from the leatherboy, if the Dominant is lucky enough to have one, or he can have someone clean it or he can do the cleaning and maintenance himself. This should be the Dominant’s decision, […]