DISCLAIMER: The main aim of Haus Mein Gott is to educate and nurture the Leather Community interested in taking this lifestyle seriously, specifically in line with Old Guard Lifestyle and Ideals. While it’s us Master’s responsibility to teach and pass on our knowledge to other members of the community, we take no responsibility at no point of the possible injury or dangers of mishandling whips, or doing BDSM in general. What we share in this Whipping Workshop for Beginners is what we do in our Leather Family since generations. Follow up at your own risk and responsibility. Refer to our Terms of Service for further description of our lift of responsibility policies.

This is a transcription of our Full length Video Workshop, which you can find here.

Whipping Workshop for Beginners with Floggers and Single Tails

Our Whipping Workshop for Beginners starts with taking Responsibility for your Sadism

Let’s start with why would you whip somebody, right? It is very important because I mean, did you see a movie like Indiana Jones, or are you fascinated with whips. you could be doing target practice for sport. Instead if you are on this website, I assume that you want to use those whips on a person, so why is that? Its a passion of yours, its an interest? Hopefully it is not a hobby because whipping people as a hobby, I mean, it is a little bit psychopathic if you think about it, where a hobby brings no responsibility with it, it is just to play. But you don’t get to play with the pain and the health of another person, there must be something else: a bond of trust, which is what makes BDSM such. So the reason why you want to whip somebody is because you are a Sadist, and its good to accept that. I am not saying that you are in some ways sick; actually BDSM as well as Sadism and Masochism on the other side, have been lifted from the DSM, so for sure being Sadist or a Masochist is not a disorder as long as you behave with you know humanity, empathy, good sense, common sense and so on as long as it doesn’t represent a problem for your health and safety and well being in others. So you enjoy using these tools on somebody, you have to acknowledge you have a dose of Sadism, natural Sadism inside you, and that in order to make it enjoyable for you and for your partner, you need to learn to process it, accept it, process it, and channel it. What I am going to in this class is my way to channel the sadism and take responsibility and learn how to do things properly, knowing exactly what you are doing and bringing on all the required safety in the play, but at the same time, lets talk about it as Dominants, SIRS, MASTERS, approaching to whip or flog a submissive, so another person.

Whipping Workshop for Beginners: consent and negotiation


Consent and Empathy are key elements in BDSM

When you start using whichever tool on your submissive you have already established a relationship of some kind; otherwise thats just abuse. If you walks down the street and you whip, crack your whip on the back of somebody doing grocery shopping, thats just abuse. There is nothing good with it. So, there is a consent being given. Now, in Old Guard, before starring any kind of these activities with a sub, there is what is called “a slaves negotiation list”, or “subs negotiation list”, where basically you would go over a list of all the activities that you want to bring on, but also all of those that you not necessarily will bring on, but you want to know exactly where the sub is at with all of the possible activities. With a scale of 1 to 10, I tried it, i liked it, i am an expert in it, to i have never done it and i never want to do it, because i am scared of it or i have a health condition that prevents me from doing it. So this part is very important. You know, people struggle nowadays with the rigidity of Old Guard and the contracts, and the written documents but they all have a specific meaning; they’re all fundamental to ensure that the is as much as extreme can go but always with safety ropes and mutual rights. Because, even when a slave gives off all of his freedom to you, he still has a bill of rights and its your responsibility his well keeping and upkeep. So, having said that and the responsibility that comes with holding a whip, but in general holding whichever BDSM tool which includes even just a conversation, because throughout a conversation you create that initial exchange of power and conversation is fundamental throughout the whole length of the relationship and you have to be responsible also how you use your mouth. Having said that you have to be responsible with everything that you do, especially when it comes to flogging and whipping you have to consider a few things. Is it your first time with your submissive? If he more of an expert, or whip junkie? Where in-between he sits because the way you’re going to need to handle the session will change dramatically depending on it. In My experience, submissives can be very very attracted to flogging and whipping but then when it comes the time to be on a a St. Andrew’s Cross, or wherever they will receive the whip they really start to be in deep anxiety.

Whipping Workshop for Beginners consent


Always consider your submissive’s experience and mind state

I remember that the first time that I was strapped to a St. Andrew Cross was in Qualgeist, in Berlin, and I remember that I was quite, I had never been whipped before that, especially not in public. And I remember that I thought I was quite confident with myself in BDSM, after all, I was doing this since many years already, and instead when I was there it kicked in, a sensation in which was like I’m in a trap. And this is exactly what you need to be aware of. It was so useful for me as a MASTER to be a sub with My mentors because it has put me in the place to

really understand first hand what a sub feels like in different situations. Actually, all of the situations that I put My subs through. So it is very important that you are aware with your eyes, your ears, but also with your empathy. Empathy is fundamental in whip work. When you are whipping you are creating a relationship with your sub that is based on a non-verbal language. Its a language that has to do with chemistry, with energy, with exchange of energy and power and emotion, and dealing with raw, strong emotion. Every submissive is a different person, which means that he is a different universe, a different human being hold inside of him so many different reasons, motives, traumas, fears desires, and the way they link all of the languages together, and this is fundamental for you to understand in order to achieve, to reach inside the sub in the right way and achieve his trust earn his trust which is fundamental to any kind. Of pain play. So, if you think that you can start a whipping by shouting orders, slamming down doors, cracking as hard as you can towards the poor motherfucker, um no, you are completely out of road; in you want to do that, you are free, I am just here to tell you how We do things in. My Household since generations, and this is also what the most experienced S/M players will always confirm with you.

Whipping Workshop for Beginners consider experience


The three stages of a Whipping Session

The Warmup

There are 3 main stages of a whipping session: you have the warmup, you have the core of the session, then you have the downtime. So, during the warmup, the warmup is actually made up of two phases inside of it because the warmup is both the physical one during the session but also the mental one that can take even weeks before a session, if it your subs first time. So you start warming him up in his mind after you have shared a negotiation list in which he allows you to train him to this. You will start warming him up; you will bring up the subject, you will make known that this thing is going to happen at some point, so that the sub has the time to process his emotions and bring them out to you. If he doesn’t, if he acts all cool and stuff its your responsibility to make sure that he is not hiding his feelings. He might hide his feels for so many good reasons, such as he doesn’t want to embarrass you, he doesn’t want to disappoint you, he doesn’t want to feel like he is weak or a pussy, or something like this and it is your responsibility to let him understand that he should never feel this way with you, and with you he can, he must be as open as possible, respectfully. But also to grant you control and knowledge of his full range of emotions. So once you have warmed him up, you have talked about what he is scared of, or what he is attracted by, you have talked about it enough. Then, when you have the actual session, you will start with a body warm up. Body warm up consists of some basic aspects, and every MASTER implements Their own ways. You have to disinfect the skin, you have to have your body disinfectant, some sterile clean cloth, your going to rub the going to rub the cloths on the subs back or the area you are going to play on, and you are going to have a fresh set of crackers, and clean tools to work with. You can implement here whichever you want such as sound experiences, senatorial deprivation experiences, whichever works best for you and your sub to bring the two of you in the zone, and when he is ready, you can start doing sensory play. You can start with, as an example, just rubbing the tails of a flogger on his body. I understand that you are here to see the hard core whip cracking things, but this is fundamental to achieve that, when you are in his position. That’s why I encourage any Dom to submit to learn. Everything is heightened, everything is mor dramatic, than how you view it from outside. Being blind folded, being there knowing this climax of being warmed up so much you are now every inch of you Brady, of your skin is ready, awake and alert. Even just rubbing this on his nipples or on his crotch, or his back or wherever you are going to work is going to add a lot, a lot to the session. Your subs will thank you, and you will thank Me later! Learn to do long, interesting warmup sessions before starting with the whips. It is really important in establishing a different kind of magic with you sub and delivers so many more sensations. So you can start with some sensation play. Note, with sensation play, you don’t really need to touch your sub eh, especially with a heavy flogger you can just move the flogger near to the sub, making him feel the energy and the air coming from the flogger. That also brings a lot of sensations into the play. If you have a single tail, you can even crack it around to do a mind fuck kind fo dynamic, psychological sensation place on your sub. This really depends on the scene, on what your are doing, on what’s your style, and what you want to achieve during the session. This is why We are called MASTERS, because We MASTER these tools, not because we can do a perfect execution of the movements, but because knowing all of the tools we can customize the experience to achieve exactly what we want, with our submissive, and for his growth.

Whipping Workshop for Beginners warmup and downtime


The Core of the Session

When warmup is done, both of you will be boiling to start doing it seriously and he will be ready to take it serious, because now he is ready, he now remembers that he wants this you have been careful with him. You have started soft, and taken very good care of him so he feels that he can give you his submission, so the fear starts to go away, and he might even start begging you “please MASTER, please hit me hard, please MASTER use the whip’. When you have this kind of confirmation, from your slave or your sub, or your boy, it is always very good because it tells you where you are going with the techniques you are using, who you are, what kind of effect you are provoking in the submissive. If you are only goal is to see whip marks, ok it is a little bit like comparing making love to quick 20 seconds blow job on Grindr. If thats what goes for you, good for you, but don’t do BDSM. If instead you have feedback of everything that you do, every tool from the tip of your finger to the inside of your soul and brain to your whips to whatever else, is provoking different changes and different information you can really train somebody and you can really be called a MASTER. So during the core part of the session, remember to take breaks. Just because you have warmed up your sub well, it doesn’t mean he is a piece of meat now, he is a human being with a difference he is flying high on lots of chemical reactions inside of his body that you have provided, but also he is completely in your hands. So, his judgement on his self endurance is tricked and it is your responsibility to know that you have to take care of him and make sure everything is ok. Something that is usually good is to have a set of strokes which can be six to start. You give six strokes, then you go and chance with the sub and talk to him lightly, you can check the impact on the skin, you can make sure he is ok, and them 6 more strokes. You can go 12 X 12, 20 X 20, depending on the point of the session and the experience of the sub. I would start with 6 X 6, to go to 12 X 12, to go 50 X 50 at the end of the session depending on the dynamic, on the sub, and the tool that I am using. But, do take breaks. When you take the breaks, that you also need, you want to ensure 2 things: is the sub breathing well and is the subs heartbeat regular. Aside from these 2 important things, you have to check that the subs emotional state if a good one, and he is ok, and if it is not its up to you to correct it, and to make sure you can bring him slowly out of it in this panic moment and the play can continue. Otherwise the play may need to evolve to something different. You also need to check if there are if there are active bleeders. It will almost never happen but some people have a very thin skin and with the right angle, the whip can really cause a cut or bring away some of the skin. This will cause a bleeder. In that caste you need to stop and you need to disinfect the wound and if you want to keep going, and this is up to your judgement depending on what you have before you because some wounds require you to stop playing, period. Especially important if you have an active bleeder. Some other scratching wounds can be just covered with a first aid kit bandage and then you can work on the rest of the body. This really depends, it is very dynamic, it really depends on your situation. But do take breaks during the core. Remember that being whipped is an experience that 360 can involve all of you body, mind, and soul. So, don’t stick only to the whips. Be verbal. Use your person, be present as a MASTER, talk to your sub, make him feel that connection always alive. Use sound, create soundscapes in the environment to immerse the sub in this specific space where you want to bring him to.Use light, create specific lighting or darkness. Take lights away. Blindfold. Senatorial deprivation. Everything you can add or remove from the session will change completely the whole experience, especially for the sub. Sometimes I hear about MASTERS that say “oh I have all this gear” and they do, they have clearly a lot of money, and maybe they are on the field for a long time and most of the gear was gifted, etc.. But the fact that they have a lot of gear doesn’t imply the session you are going to have is going to be a great one. Some of my best sessions were done with one whip, period; or even without anything, just with hypnosis. You can do so much if you use your brain when you do S/M instead of using the tools. The tools are tools. They are sacred, they are important, they are special, but they are just tools. Without your brain these tools are dead pieces of wood and leather. The same goes for the gear you wear. This is just Leather pants. What’s special with them? They are special because my brain, my soul, my mind, are all involved.



When the core part of the session is over, you MUST grant the sub downtime. Downtime is required because when the scene is finished, or you are doing a major break between parts of your scene, your sub is really really high on these chemicals your brain produces. He is going to be ecstatic and very happy but also extremely tired and extremely drained and usually he will feel a surge of need of submission. After the whipping is complete or any other pain play is complete, they are grateful but they also seek safety. You must provide this safety. It is your job, it should be your happiness to do so. They will need first of all to be brought down from their position, in a comfortable and safe position. You will have to disinfect their bodies and check the skin and whichever other cosmetic damage might have brought in, or you should have brought in, and take care of that. Ensure that you use disinfectants; there are creams you can use on the body to moisturize it and make it disinfected and place an antibacterial film all over the skin, which is very good. You can use instead also some ????? That will make a wound close immediately and seal it. In this case, many BDSM MASTERS also use surgical glue for specific wounds because it locks the bleeding and it covers the wound very well. Do your studying with an experienced MASTER. Choose your tools so you can take proper care of your sub. Then, the submissive can feel extremely warm or extremely cold, most usually. If he is shivering, you must cover it, you must feed him warm warm water which is very important. They may be dehydrated. You have to do aftercare, in many many many ways. Plus, it is good if you allow him to just lay on the floor and hug your boots or lay on your lap, depending on how clean the floor is. But do keep the safe. Allow them at least 20 minutes of downtime to recover, rest, regain their strength and feel ready for the rest that you want to put them through.


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