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Project Description

“While I am a true leather lover, that goes for my human side. Leather is still something you wear, and wearing garments is something extremely human (read more here about Leather). Wolves don’t need to wear anything else than their own skin and fur and claws. So why latex? I’m not a latex fetishist, but there is something uniquely different about it, when compared to leather.
Leather is something you wear. It can be an armor, it can be a shield, it can be shelter. Latex doesn’t cover you up really, you will still have all your senses. The cold, the hear, the scratching. Everything is right there. But still, latex will be your second skin. Being so adherent and tight fitting, it really feels like a new skin. This helps psychologically in leaving behind yourself your human side, your normal skin. It helps you build up the mood and emotion to get into the feeling of the Beast you want to bring up to life. There is no distraction. You feel like you are in another dimension, and you actually really are.
Latex becomes something that brings your emotions out, instead of keeping them in. It’s something exposing you out instead of keeping you safe in.
Another difference is that while leather is dry, stiff and has a strong scent, latex is wet (or at least should be kept wet and shiny with squishy silicone oil), it adapts to any movement of your body, and it makes your own smell stronger. You will sweat a lot inside of a latex suit, and you will ooze your smell and own juices everywhere. This is something latex fetishists usually like a lot; in my case, it helps to bring out the liquid personality I bring inside. Rules are softer, they can be bent, there is no strict code imposed by others, and my body can move freely in the same way. As for what concerns my head: wearing a hood ( in this case a “dog hood” since the wolf fetish is not so common and therefor not commercialized, but I’m working with a very good artisan on my custom Wolf Hood ) of course helps even more, but it’s something not needed so much for me.”

Project Details

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