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Project Description

From my article “Primal. I am the BEAST”.

“The Master I am is caring. I am a very self controlled and balanced person, I never get high or drunk when handling my boys, I love listening to them, trying to be helpful, and I’m pretty keen to be a father rather than a Boss.
The Wolf inside of me talks to my heart and my human mind makes the best out of it. But there is also the actual animal inside. My boy dirk saw this think only once for a brief while, and he was terrified by it. He named it well, and I decided to keep this name.”
“Another difference is that while leather is dry, stiff and has a strong scent, latex is wet (or at least should be kept wet and shiny with squishy silicone oil), it adapts to any movement of your body, and it makes your own smell stronger. You will sweat a lot inside of a latex suit, and you will ooze your smell and own juices everywhere. This is something latex fetishists usually like a lot; in my case, it helps to bring out the liquid personality I bring inside. Rules are softer, they can be bent, there is no strict code imposed by others, and my body can move freely in the same way. As for what concerns my head: wearing a hood ( in this case a “dog hood” since the wolf fetish is not so common and therefor not commercialized, but I’m working with a very good artisan on my custom Wolf Hood ) of course helps even more, but it’s something not needed so much for me.
Something I do really enjoy wearing though is my contact lenses. It’s not just because of the look they give to my eyes. I actually don’t care about that. But, as it goes for the latex, it helps creating a separation to my usual eyes and a new set of eyes for when I unleash BEAST. Seeing the same world, but trough a different filter; something so simple and so basic really helps me a lot getting in that state of mind, and I also love the vignetted vision it provides to me. “


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