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Project Description

Athion is the name of the still embryonal (as of today, early 2017) primal that lives within one of my very best friends. He is a very sensitive and intelligent young man, of whom I have strong esteem and to whom I have been kind of a figure of reference to what concerns the world of BDSM, primals and Leather Culture. His drive has always been more the archetypical and the anthropological one. His curiosity and his will to learn and dive in new things is one of the best features I like in him, and not only that. We are actually great friends; our friendship started with a photoshoot, and we are bringing this tradition on, taking pictures one to the other.

Can’t wait, I have to say, to see how Athion will evolve.

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One thought on “PRIMALS – ATHION”

  1. You are a very handsome boy!
    And is incredible your description.
    slave complaciente29 (fernando, from Mexico City)

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