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Project Description

My name is LeatherBigWolf, at the time of these shootings I am in my late 20’s. I’ve been a living a 24/7/365 strict Leather and BDSM lifestyle since I was 19. I wear my leather not only for sexual enjoyment, actually I wear it more often just to relax at home. I am proud to be a LeatherMan and a Primal, and to be a loving and caring member of my community to my Brothers and Sisters. I am running Haus Mein Gott and my visual producing activity since 2013.

I am a cigar smoker, a caring and attentive Dom and Owner of some great boys, and I am Owner myself by my Mentor and DAD. One of my goals in life is too keep up Leather Culture especially towards the younger generations, trying to help avoiding that this culture, what makes my heart beat in my chest, goes lost. Currently studying hard to be a good Bootblack.

Here are some of the highlights of my pictures in Leather.

Project Details




    • my notebook is constructed out of metal, glas, copper, lithium etc – but Your website get`s through all of this material directly in to my room. Now i smell leather and rubber, sweat and tobacco, piss and cum – my tits grow and someone else as well, and i need to happily join this breed of men, where brethren know what they want and can demand and get: subs serving – Sirs giving, with rough strength and a smile, with bloody backs of proud bois and a cuddling Master! Sir, please Sir, let this slave in, Sir! Licking Your boots – jΓΆrg

  1. Sir I’m 26 years old and I live in the US near Los Angeles. I want to become a obidient leather boy and learn the proper rules in bdsm and how to be a proper good leather boy for a leather daddy. I don’t know anyone nor can find a leather club or community around me. Can Master Leather Big Wolf perhaps maybe teach me the rules and the ropes? Your leather boy would appreciate if you could sir.! I’m new to bdsm but I’m ready to start learning I love leather, restraints ropes, leather, butt plugs, leather, gags, and being a good boy to my leather daddy. If you can help me out I’d really appreciate it sir.!

    • Hi boy.

      I honestly don’t know the scene at all in the States, and I actually am starting to thing I don’t like what I know and see about the “scene” worldwide. What I can suggest you is to engage like you’re doing with other serious leathermen, some good ones are still on, although the site is now 90% grindr-like shit. It is a long search indeed boy.

      • Yes it really is hard finding proper leathermen around me. I’m into sex but I truly want to be a obedient leather boy. Maybe Master Leather Big Wolf could help me out? Your as perfect as they come I kbow your sehedule must be busy and chaotic. I left you a email to show you I’m serious. If you could become my leather daddy or just teach me, whatever you can do for me I’d appreciate it Sir.

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