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Project Description

It is no secret: Bruno has been my wet dream since I knew him, back when I was barely nineteen. Phisically, he is the emblem of masculinity to me. In his late 50’s, he is very tall, strongly and welt built, with large bones structure and it shows he had big muscles once, replaced now by a strong muscular Daddy’ish body with a solid, rock hard oval belly. His hands are work of art, and made to destroy things. Take a look at those weapons, people. He is very handsome, with a nice brown voice, and a very difficult temper. But once you get to know him, he is a very good and fair man too. Last but not least, I’ll just say: take a look at his junk please 😉

In all this, Bruno is more of a fister fetishist and pig than a real Leatherman in the sense of the Code and Culture, bust he enjoys leather very much, and this was what the shooting was about.

So here’s to you, enjoy one of the sexiest men I know, and my favorite uncle.

Project Details

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