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Project Description

A quiet afternoon in LeatherBigWolf’s household. boy dirk is bootblacking Wolf, Master Daniel comes by for a kiss before bringing pup jack back to his parents. We set 4 cameras to record the thing as Wolf voiced over, after audio was lost.

The idea is both to show that Bootblacking is much more than mere shoe-cleaning service, and to share Wolf’s personal views over it, and both to give a minimum insight on how to take care of your Boots.

Of course, this is not the only way, boy dirk is not a Bootblack, and we are just showing this family’s specific activities and beliefs.

Project Details


Haus Mein Gott

2 thoughts on “FILMS – BOOTBLACKING”

    • video bello fatto con intelligenza e con una buona dose di attrazzione non solo visica
      attori eccellenti in particolare il PROTAGONISTA very GOD

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