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Project Description

Paul was one of the last customers in 2016. He is a submissive bottom living in north west Italy. Very kind, attentive and polite, he walked in in the studio a bit shy and nervous about the shooting, pointing out though that he was kind of used to be under the lenses as when he was younger, he modeled from time to time. After the first shots I saw he couldn’t let go and the he would keep staring at my crotch between the discussions we had. Sometimes to make at ease a customer, especially during a fetish shooting, the best thing to do is to help them be themselves. So I applied just a light touch of Dominant behavior on him, and bam. Magic. He was on all 4’s wearing leather hoods and restrains, barking and rolling, asking for my Boots to be on him.


At the end of the day I made a new friend, while keeping it of course professional and not getting into other “business”, but I definitely enjoyed doing some rope bondage on his thick junk, and seeing his relaxed and happy face when we removed the hood and the photoshoot was over.

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