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My boy's stories: Training Night

Training Night

It had been a good day. HE thought as HE sat back and watched the fire burn down from the warm leather of HIS favourite chair wrapped around HIS naked back and HIS favourite Scotch in HIS hand warming HIS belly. At HIS feet curled around HIS right boot with its head under the left was the well used body of HIS property.
Slowly HE pressed the left boot down into its face and started to twist to watch the beard wrap around the sole of the now well cleaned boot as bits of wax crumbled from the eyebrows and moustache. The slave who appeared still asleep moaned and pressed up to increase the pressure of the boot and started to lick all without opening its eyes. The lack of any stress lines in its face and the deep breathing showed HIM that it was still deep in subspace and in a very happy place. While the left boot made more of a mark on the sub’s face, HE slowly drew back the toe of HIS right boot from its belly and started to slowly kick into it with short soft taps moving up and down knocking off more bits of wax. Slowly HE moved HIS heavy booted foot down to the mound of wax that was all that could be seen of the property’s cock and balls. With more force but still no hurry HE alternately kicked and ground all the wax off what was HIS to use. Occasionally stopping to press hard and hold as HE took another sip of the scotch. The obvious signs of pleasure from the sub was its dicklette starting to drip.
Through all this HIS property continued to grind its face into the left boot and to open its legs wider for better access to what was no longer its body and as a sign of submission and respect to its OWNER and TRAINER. Soft moans and the occasional deep breath as a boot found a tender spot, the soft rattle of the weighted clamps still on the swollen and pumped nipples, and the popping of the fire were the only sounds.
He lifted the right boot from between the legs of HIS property where it was slowly reopening the well stretched pussy lips and HE saw that more than half the toe was shiny with juice and lube and almost ready for more play, but, with a sigh and a grin, HE stopped and thought “Not tonight, greedy boy”. Instead HE used the heel to dig into the side and back of the sub to roll it over onto its belly and made sure to press the nipples deep onto the hard floor which made the sub moan and lick the left boot even more. The pool of drool under the boot had grown and HE moved the left boot to use the long beard as a rag to soak it up and then reached down and pushed the wet and dirty beard into the open mouth for more cleaning before HE replaced the boot against the sub’s cheek.
Before sitting back HE ran HIS hand over the now exposed back with the welts and marks of the session showing and turning darker as they became more apparent on the light pale skin of HIS property. HE lightly teased each raised mark and pressed down into the darker bruises feeling first the tension in the muscle as the sub tensed for more and then the submission as the indidivual muscles also submitted to HIS gentle but undeniable control. A few times HE tapped the contact points from the Dragon tail whip that had turned its back into a cross hatched work of art and left the sub begging for more.
Yes, it had been a very good night. And He decided on one final gift for the sub as a reward. Slowly and softly HE caressed the entire back with one hand, feeling and enjoying HIS handiwork while with the other HE put HIS Scotch down and reached for the fireplace tools. HE selected the tongs and drew a largish glowing ember from the coals. Being sure HE had it firmly in hand, HE began to trace the out

lines of the larger impacts from the flogger where the session had started. Not close enough to the skin to burn, the ember radiated warmth and heat and genereated the anticipation that HE wanted. Occasionaly a spark would drop from the ember and a moan or deeper breath would come from the canvas of HIS art at HIS feet. Then blowing on the coal to warm it HE moved in closer and began to burn the hair from under the arms and across the shoulders and even the little tufts at the base of the spine where the flogging and whipping had not already removed them. In some places the heat was enough to remelt left over wax and it ran into new puddles causing more moans and twitches. HE even lightly touched the tiniest part of each earlobe with the now much cooler ember to leave HIS own version of earrings for HIS property.
But finally, as HE grew tired and more relaxed, and HE knew the coal was just the right temperature, HE sat back and studied the pattern at the base of the sub’s neck. HE was pleased with the result that showed both HIS skill with the new whip and with the final pattern that would mark this property as HIS for a very long time. HE had used HIS tools to create a crown of marks the came up over the back between the shoulder blades to end just at the top of the shoulder. Not too small and not very large either. And in the middle there was a space for jewel… The crown Jewel HE thought and laughed as HE lowered the ember. HIS first words in a long time were “Burn for me, boy! You are MINE”. HE allowed the sub one deep breath in and out, waiting for the stillness to come. Then HE waited just a little longer to build the moment and catch it just a little off guard before HE set the ember down into the spot HE had left for it. Left it just long enough to capture the sight forever in HIS mind of the fire and scars and the beauty before lifting it quickly and tossing back into the fireplace.
HE reached down and lifted the sub to its feet. As HE held the deeply panting sub in HIS arms and stroked its head and shoulders until the peak emotions had passed, HE checked the burn to be sure there was no need for concern. HIS final action before returning the sub to the floor at HIS feet was to almost casually rub across each of the nipple clamps to remind the boy they were there before both at once HE opened them up and pulled them away dropping the weighted toys to the floor as HE pressed and twisted the very tender swollen bits of flesh to restore blood flow.
Too much for the body to contain its knees buckled, as HE knew they would, and HE held the sub, HIS property, HIS trainee up and slowly lowered it to its place at HIS feet. Then HE sat down again in HIS favourite leather chair, listened to the creak and squeak of leather from HIS well formed legs rubbed against the chair and felt the cool leather of the back quickly warm to the heat from HIS back and HE reached to finish the scotch and remember the training session feeling very pleased with HIS work.

How it all started:

HE sent the message to the sub in its room and then watched the results from HIS phone. HE trusted the sub but still had a camera in every room so HE could watch it whenever HE wanted and make it perform at surprise times. And watching HIS property get ready was very entertaining.
It was a normal day for the sub until it got the simple message from its OWNER “Training night tonight 20:00. I want those titties big and ready.” The sub smiled to itself and started to get ready. First it put on the nipple suckers to start to grow the nipples as much as it could before HE saw them. As soon as they went on its dicklette started to drip from its cage. The sub was careful to grab each drop before it

hit the floor and lick it up as it had been taught. Eventually it calmed down and the sub moved on to the next stage. HE laughed as HE watched the way the sub got excited at the smallest of things. HE watched as the sub took great care to clean the pre-cum off its fingers and supposed HE should be angry at the way it liked to stuff more and more of them in its throat, but watching it try to take its little hands all the way down was such a turn on for HIM and it did help to get things ready for HIS much larger hands. It also got the sub turned on and really desperate to have its mouth pussy filled. It was one of the things HE liked about this one. It was so eager to please and its body responded well. Yes tonight was going help HIM relax.
As it started to clean out the boy pussy, it started to get into the mind space for a training night. After the initial mess the slave continued to wash deeper and with each flush it gave itself deeper and deeper into subspace. It really liked to be clean for its OWNER but it also really liked the way that deep cleaning made it feel. The way the water would fill and gently stretch the pussy that its OWNER so enjoyed playing with. And the way the ring turned into a soft loose hole that the sub could still clench and hold the water inside. It would clench and move the water around deeper to be sure it was as clean as it could be. It would hold it in as long as it could and then rush to the toilet to let it all out in a rush. The lips around the hole would feel loose and the hole itself felt so empty and the sub would focus on how good it would feel when it was filled with whatever its OWNER wanted to use. And then it went back and filled it again and again turning up the temperature of the water a little bit more each time until it was just about body temperature and it could feel both the inside holes staying open when it released. This was the time it took a little extra time and squatted over the toilet with the douche nozzle still running and it rinsed and rinsed with running water to be sure it was as clean as it could be. It even stuck and few of its fingers up inside the now hot and slippery hole to hold it open so there was no chance of missing anything.
Oh yes, this was the best part of the getting ready show the little slut put on, HE thought. It was one that HE had watched in person a few times as well as from the camera. HE had turned the sub into a real pussy boy that wanted all of its holes filled and sometime the way it did that was very clever. Like with the fingers in the throat but this was even better. HE knew the signs that it was already very clean and then the sub began to finger the ring and rinse over the bowl. First it would run the fingers around the now loose and puffy lips of its hole and then reach over to turn up the water temperature. And as it went to put the nozzle back in its fingers would stay by the lips and pull them away from the flow and stretch them and roll them to make them even more loose. By now the sub could not hold the water inside for more that a couple of seconds because the ring was so loose so it looked like a bucket was just pouring out. All that playing was really getting the sub turned on and the look of hunger on its face was wonderful for HIM to watch. But the sub had been taught that this was not its toy and not to enjoy it too much or there would be trouble so with a look of regret and one last little wiggle of its fingers in the pussy, the sub stopped and cleaned up the bathroom. HE waited to be sure no more pussy mischief was going to occur, because that would have earned it a punishment and then shut the camera off be cause HE had real work to do.
Next the sub changed the suction cups on its nipples for the pump cylinders. It loved the way they popped off and it gave the now much larger nipples a squeeze to enjoy the way they had hardened up and increased in size. It then put the narrower cylinders on and pumped them to the pressure that HE had told it to before and closed its eyes for just a moment to say a little prayer of thanks that it had found an OWNER and TRAINER that enjoyed nipple play as much as it did. The sub also used this time
and these thoughts to go deeper into the head space where it only wanted to be of use to its OWNER and it was happy that its body could be used for that at times like this.
Since there was not much else to clean of the property at this time, the sub used the time until HE arrived Home to get the play room ready. It went in and made sure there was fresh lube made and towels and the play sheet were clean. It checked the supply of gloves and condoms. It made sure all the toys were clean and the ropes were laid out and the whips and floggers were arranged in the order HE liked them. The sub also made sure the little refrigerator had HIS favourite beer and plenty of water. When all that was done, the sub changed the pump cylinders from the narrow ones to the wide round ones. Its nipples were almost twice their normal length and starting to get nice and hard. They felt so amazing to touch and to roll between its fingers and were so sensitive that the sub moaned without realizing it as it worked some blood back into the little dicklettes on its chest. Then it put more lotion on and attached the bigger cylinders for the final stage to make them bigger around as well.
The sub spent the rest of the time wearing the larger cylinders and gave its boy pussy another quick rinse just before HE arrived Home. When the sub heard the car door it was on its knees beside the main door and had it opened for its OWNER as it had been taught – naked except for its cage and the large cylinders on its nipples which by now were very large and a dark purple. Its eyes were down and as HE paused, the sub dropped to the ground and kissed both HIS boots and rubbed it head against HIS leg to show how glad it was HE was Home. HE smiled down at HIS property and said “Drink”. This was the command that HE had come up with to let the sub know that HE needed to pee and to take care of it. The sub rose to its knees and carefully unzipped HIS pants and pulled out the magnificent cock and placed in its mouth almost to the back. Then it opened its throat and waited. Soon the warm stream of strong piss started and it had to focus on not missing a drop. The sub was tempted to look up to see the look of relief on HIS face but that was not how it was taught so it took joy in knowing that this was gift from its OWNER and that whatever HE had been drinking today HE was sharing with HIS property.

HE looked down at HIS property and watched the belly start to grow with the large volume of piss HE had been holding and smiled and how good it looked and imagined how much better it would look soon. When HE had finished, HE patted the sub on the head and said “Good urinal. Now go to the play room and put on a blindfold and wait.” The sub replied “Thank YOU, SIR!” and with a little burp began to crawl to the playroom. As it moved away, HE saw the nipples and told it to stop. The sub froze and waited where it was with one hand in the air. The OWNER walked over and first tapped the toe of HIS boot against the balls and the cage and then brought it up hard to really flatten them out. The sub let out a breath and said “thank YOU, SIR!”
Then HE stepped to the side and did the same to the filled belly. First a tap with the toe of HIS boot and a light rub around the curve followed by a sharper, but not hard, kick to make it slosh. With another burp, the sub said “Thank YOU, SIR” Finally, HE reached the nipples that had caught HIS attention. With the toe of the boot HE tapped them and mumbled to HIMSELF “Very nice” Then louder “Roll over”. The sub rolled over and lay on the floor with its arms wide and its legs spread. HE pulled a chair over to sit next to the property on the floor and rested HIS booted feet on the belly slightly digging the heels in to make the sub squirm a little.
The OWNER used HIS toe to once again kick the balls and then to knock one of the cylinders off the swollen nipples. The released with a loud pop and HE quickly stood and used the heel of HIS boot to press and crush the sensitive bit of skin into the sub’s chest and gave a little twist to really add a bit of
excitement. The sub moaned loudly in pleasure and said “Thank YOU, SIR”. HE kicked the exposed balls again and said “Quiet”. The sub closed its mouth tightly. Then HE shifted feet and raised the other foot over the remaining cylinder. But this one HE first pressed down into the sub’s chest before knocking it off leaving a bright ring around the hard nipple. Then, like before HE used the heel of HIS boot to crush the nipple and give a final twist before lifting it off. This time the sub made no sound. HE looked down at HIS property and saw the two swollen nipples in the middle of a light red boot sole mark and HE smiled getting into the mood. HE raised first one boot to the sub’s mouth and said “lick it clean” then the other. The only sound for a time was the sound of HIM lighting a cigarette and the slurping of the sub. When HE was satisfied, HE sent the sub on its way to the playroom and went to get ready.
After the greeting and getting a drink of HIS own, the OWNER went to put on the leather HE was going to wear tonight. The open leather vest that allowed HIM room to move and play with HIS own sensitive and full nipples and the tight leather pants that framed and fit HIS long strong legs so well. HE dressed for HIMSLEF tonight since the sub would be blindfolded most of the time and this was how HE felt most comfortable. Then as a last thought, HE picked up a pair of gloves and a small package He had been carrying since coming Home.
When HE entered the play room HE first checked to see if everything was as it should be and no demerits were required. HE was pleased that things were just right and the sub was in its place beside the sling with a blindfold on. He walked over and just stood looking and watching it breathe looking at HIS canvas for the night. As HE stood there planning, HE watched the excitement also rise in the sub as it tried to calm its breathing and slow its heart which was clearly beating faster. The OWNER, let HIS hand drop to the sub’s head and just rest there for a moment. The sub took comfort in HIS touch and settled more firmly into its headspace.
Then HE spoke. “So, boy, do you remember what tonight is?” “Yes, SIR! Training night SIR!”
“That is right but tonight is a special training night. Tonight is the night you get to feel the kiss of my new whip. It is a special whip made by AlphaSadist and will teach you many new things.”
“Thank YOU, SIR. Thank YOU, AlphaSadist, SIR.”
With that He took the blindfold off and showed HIS newest addition to the sub. HIS property was very impressed and a little scared by the new purchase but it trusted HIM completely and it asked softly “ Please, SIR, may it kiss it?” HE said “Yes, you may. Show MY new Friend how much YOU want to get to know it.” HE watched as the sub softly, lovingly bent down to first sniff and then kiss the handle of the new whip and then it looked up, its eyes begging to be allowed more. He nodded and watched as the sub bent down again started to rub its beard over the well crafted leather and to softly kiss and caress the new Friend. HE was very pleased to see no tongue or moisture of any kind when the sub was finished and it sat back in position with a slightly breathless “Thank YOU, SIR”.
HE put the blindfold back on and said “Let’s get started warming you up!”
First, he put the sub in the sling and tied it down. Then HE attached nipple clamps to each nipple and attached a rope to the chain up to a point which kept them firmly stretched so that if the sub lay flat
they were pulled almost out of the clamps. Next, HE removed the cage and set it aside. He took a few slaps at the balls and the still soft dicklette causing the sub to move and pull on the nipples.
“Rule one for tonight, boy. Are YOU paying attention?” HE said.
“If those clamps come off before I take them off, it will be a punishment for you. Do you understand?” “SIR, YES, SIR.”
HE patted the sub’s belly and said “Good boy”. Then began to light some of the candles around the room and finally HE lit a cigar. He could tell the sub knew what was coming but it enjoyed wax play so its breathing calmed and it smiled. But first there was a little bit of clean-up to do. HE said “The hair around MY property has grown a bit and needs to be trimmed it seems.”
“SIR, sorry, SIR”
But instead of reaching for the razor, HE leaned close to HIS property and exhaled the smoke from HIS cigar. The warm pungent breath confused the sub for a moment until the smell of burning hair began to come through. HE watched as the realisation dawned and the sub flinched causing the nipple clamps to pull and the balls to pull up too. HE gave the sub a strong slap to the belly and told it to “Lay Still!” then HE went on with HIS work using the cigar to singe and burn the longest of the hairs. Under the balls around the head, down the shaft. Each pass was getting closer and each hair was getting shorter. With each little twitch HE would slap the sub’s belly and had turned it a very nice shade of dark red and left an artistic design of finger and hand prints all over the white skin.
HE had to stop a couple of times to rest and drink some of HIS beer and to let the sub relax after each “accidental” brush with the tip to its skin but eventually the job was almost done and HE looked down at HIS property almost completely covered in cigar ash and the red belly that would be getting redder soon. HIS parting gift was a big wad of spit that started to leave a trail as it dripped from the tip down the shaft and onto the balls turning black and thick as gathered up the ash.
Then HE looked up and said “And the hair around these nipples is getting long too and probably interfering with the suction cups so it will have to go too!” Of course, the sub tried to pull away but the clamps stopped that with a loud yelp from the sub. HE slapped the belly again, hard and said “Enough”
HE reached over and grabbed the first gag HE could reach which happened to be a spider gag with an attachable insert. “Perfect!” HE said right into the sub’s ear. ‘Open wide! And say “AH!” HE put the gag on and before inserting the plug, dribbled a bit of beer into the sub and followed it with few wads of spit (which the sub tried to thank HIM for). Then HE relit the cigar and started to clean the hair from around the nipples. This did not take as long but left a few more singed bits due the rise and fall of sub’s breathing. Again, each twitch was rewarded with a belly slap or a slap to the balls and inner thighs so that now the lower part of sub’s front was very red and marked but sub had eventually learned and stopped moving so much.
HE looked down and told the sub that the hair cut was done and that the sub had earned a treat. HE spit on both nipples and rubbed the spit in the ash to make little balls and then HE gathered them with the one still attached to sub’s balls and, after removing the gag, gathered them up and fed them to the
eager pig. HE was happy to watch as it rolled them around in its mouth and savoured them before swallowing them down.
By now the candles had burned down and produced a lot of wax for the finish of the front of HIS property. HE was also getting eager to begin work on the back so did not take an artistic interest in how the wax was applied but HE did take enough time to bring some yelps and moans from HIS property. By the time HE finished the nipples were small mountains of wax with chains coming out and the useless dicklette and balls were covered and hidden in a wax jock. And there was one candle left, so HE carefully began to outline the blindfold and the gag with wax. This was new for the sub and the pain was quite different but with the beard and the eyebrows there was not so much skin to cover. But HE wanted to watch how HIS sub was handling it so HE removed the blindfold for the last bit. HE loved to wathc the eyes follow each drop from the candle and grow wide with each splash on the forehead and the nose and best results were when HE very carefully put a few drops on each temple. HE laughed when one drop hit an ear and the sub yelled.
But soon the warm up was over and it was time for some real training. HE untied the rope from the nipple clamps and stood the sub up and allowed the blood back into its arms and legs. Then with an evil smile HE picked up the rope attached to the two mounds of wax and looked deep into the eyes of HIS sub and said. “I am proud of MY property so far tonight and I want you to be good for one more thing okay?” the sub looked back at its OWNER and nodded several times so the HE would know it would be good. Unseen by the sub as HE was talking, the OWNER was wrapping the extra rope around HIS fist and taking up the slack. When the sub stopped nodding HE stepped back and without warning pulled sharply and pulled both the clamps and the wax mountains from its chest. It arched its back and opened its mouth wide as if to scream but instead took several deep breaths and let out a long soft “AAARRRRGHH” instead.
The OWNER was very proud of HIS property and hugged it and told it and even helped to get the blood flowing in the nipples again by rubbing them roughly causing more moaning from the sub. Then HE attached new clamps with weights and rings for the rest of the session.
With the front finished, HE positioned HIS property standing up right with arms and legs spread and attached to the St Andrews cross. For what HE had in mind, HE did not want the sub to move much. Then with the blindfold back inplace and a new ball gag in the sub’s mouth, HE began to enjoy HIMSELF. First there was the flogger to warm up both HIS swing and HIS canvas with. Around and around HE spin it until HE had just the right rhythm and then HE began colour the sub’s back and butt. Mixing soft and hard strokes with heavy impacts HE worked to create a red center with fingers of darked red around the outside. He was not counting strokes with this tool since HE knew very well how the sub tolerated and enjoyed it. But still HE stopped a few times to refresh HIMSELF and to comfort HIS property and even once to insert an inflatable plug into the boy pussy and pump it up good so HE could see those pretty pussy lips push out and wrap around the black rubber.
Once the plug was in, HE sat and rested but wanted something to entertain HIM. So, HE told the sub to dance and make love to the plug inside. HE opened another beer to watch the show as the slut moved its hips around and around to work the plug deeper inside. HE even helped once or twice by taking the toe of HIS boot and kicking the exposed end to drive it deeper and fill more of the greedy sub’s insides. Usually at this point, there would be a puddle of dicklette juice at the sub’s feet but with all the wax, there was nothing to clean up. HE would have to remember that trick for the future.
When HE was rested, HE lovingly picked up the new whip and gave thanks to its creator for creating it. Then HE started by cracking it once to get sub’s attention. It went very still and HE walked over to check the straps were still tight after all the dancing. And to whisper into its ear “Now the training begins, lucky boy, and tonight you get to learn a new language. A language that some will say is pain but I have taught you differently and think you will like this new friend of MINE.” Then HE stepped back and cracked the whip again.
The first few strokes were for range and practice but even they felt natural to HIM as if the whip was an extension of HIM and HIS will. Then HE started the task HE had planned laying down strips and pops. Listening to the yips and yelps and little jumps of HIS sub. Watching as the skin changed colour and texture under HIS hand. A few strikes down each side with very light ones at the top and heavier ones further down. He had just finished laying down twelve in a row on the left side when He paused and the sub began to moan. HE knew these sounds and they made HIM smile. HE walked up to the sub and lightly touched HIS work and the sub jumped a little but only moaned more loudly. The OWNER smiled more and pressed harder and the sub pushed back as much as it could. So HE leaned around to the front of the cross and asked “Do you want it to stop, boy?” it shook its head several times and tried to say something. “Sorry, boy, I couldn’t hear you. I am sorry that you want it to stop.” Struggling to be understood the blindfolded sub could not see the smile on its OWNER’S face as it as clear as it could said “SIR, Please SIR More, SIR! Thank YOU, SIR!”
With that its OWNER, took the gag off for just a moment to give the sub some water and tell it how good a boy it was. Then HE went back to work. This time starting on the right side, HE put down twelve more strokes like on the left. Then went to work in the opposite direction on sides as if painting grass. 24 strokes on each side showed up bright and clear on the pale skin and HE felt proud. For a change of pace HE used the new friend to mark the bright red cheeks of the ass with 24 strokes making the sub count them with its fingers as HE went. By this time the sub was so deep into sub space its OWNER could have done anything but it was getting late and HE had one more lesson in mind.
HE stepped up to the sub and carefully rubbed its shoulders to get a feel for muscle and skin and HIS property only moaned in pleasure at HIS touch. Then HE stepped back and gave a couple of practice strokes for range and to warn HIS canvas. Then HE called out “Don’t move, boy!” The sub froze in place and waited. HIS next stroke was at the top of the left shoulder and ran almost to the spine. It had a little spot of blood at the top. The next stroke was next to it and identical. And then another. HE lay down eight in all before moving to the right shoulder and doing the same. These were deep and would leave lasting marks. But there was one last step to his masterpiece.
Shaking the tension out of HIS shoulders HE began to lightly pop the whip into the blank spaces of the sub’s back. These light touches would likely not be permanent but would remind the sub of this night each time it lay on its back or put on a tight shirt for a while. Then HE sat down and took a deep breath and a last pull of the beer. HE lovingly hung up the new whip and sent a prayer of thanks out to AlphaSadist for His craft and skill.
HE went over to release HIS now quiet sub and was not surprised when it wrapped its OWNER in a big hug and dropped to kiss both of HIS boots. HE could see tears in its eyes by no fear and only calm. HE released the pressure on the plug and it sipped out with only a soft squish and HE wiped off what little of the lube there was and led HIS sub to the lounge room.
HE poured HIMSELF a glass of scotch and lit the fire the sub had prepared earlier and sat down in HIS favourite chair. HE snapped HIS fingers once and pointed at HIS feet and the sub that had followed HIM crawled over to HIS feet and wrapped itself around the right one and put its head under the sole of the left one.

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