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My boy’s Stories: The Room

The Room

a story by the proud property of PADRONE PIETRO MINGOTTI

The back door opened into the kitchen with entrances to the central hallway and the dining room.  The small entry room held a coat rack and small closed cabinet.  The kitchen held the normal assortment of countertop appliances, toaster, mixer, coffee maker, utensils.  The view to the dining room showed a family sized dining table with 6 chairs and a view out the large window to the front yard.  Turn right into the hallway and the doors to the lounge room, home office and the stairway can be seen. 

At the end of the hall and to the right of the kitchen door was the door to the basement. Directly across from the kitchen was a small room. Probably a pantry at one time but now it looked unused, maybe a storage room.  Until you looked again.

There were no windows but a few ceiling vents and a ceiling fan to keep the room comfortable. One overhead light.  The floor is hardwood with a central carpet. Along one wall a built in wardrobe, or closet but without doors. There were clothes hung here and a tower of open shelves along the side held socks, jocks, t-shirts, jeans and summer shorts.  A closer look shows 4 work shirts, 3 pair of dress pants, 3 casual short sleeve shirts, 1 pair of grey casual slacks on hangers, on the floor is a pair of work boots and 1 pair of casual shoes.  A closer look of the shelves shows 5 pair of dress socks, 2 sports jocks, 5 coloured t-shirts, 1 pair of worn jeans and 2 pair of very well worn jean shorts. The top shelf holds four packing boxes that are labeled “Before”.

Along the back wall a small bookcase with a photo of three smiling men in leather, one kneeling, along with a few personal items along the top. The first shelf holds a few comic books, paperbacks of various topics but mostly fiction. The bottom row of shelves holds three locked black boxes.  Next to the book case is a small work table or desk with a single wooden chair.  The chair arms and legs show scratches where something has been attached multiple times. There is a single lamp on the desktop and nothing else. On either side of the desk top is a side rail perfect for hanging things from or attaching things to without obstructing the desktop.

In the last corner is a single mattress on the floor, no frame, with a small lamp mounted to the wall above the mattress.  On the mattress is a sheet and blanket and pillow tucked in and neatly made. Three teddy bears against the pillow look out of place next to the leather hood, wrist and ankle restraints and three porn mags from the 80’s.  A closer look shows 2 thin black straps under the mattress with clips. 

It is only when exiting the room that the lack of an inside lock and knob can be seen.  Once the door is closed, there is no way out of the room.  On the wall the switch has a timer to control when the light is on and off but with a locking cover.   A second look around the room shows several hooks for places to hang things but no pictures or other adornment.

The back door lock clicks and the door opens to allow a man dressed in business casual attire. He quietly enters and goes directly to the small room. First he kneels at the door way and bows his head in what looks like prayer. Still on his knees he enters the room and crosses to the closet. he strips down carefully hanging the pants and putting the shirt and socks in a small box on the floor. he places the shoes in a space just right for them on the floor of the closet.

The lack of clothing reveals a fine mesh collar around his neck, rings in the nipples and a steel chastity cage. he is in good shape and the soles of his feet are calloused from not wearing shoes. he crawls to the bed to see what MASTER has laid out for him to wear. The hood is for sleeping so that stays on the pillow. As he places each restraint on he says a prayer to his MASTERS for their care and acceptance of this slave. Once on, the transformation is complete and there is only another piece of property in the room.

Next it turns to look at the magazines. This is the way that MASTER will give it hints about the night to come and its duties.  Sometimes just a menu, sometimes a list of chores, sometimes, like today, images of the type of scene that will be played out never exactly the same and always with a surprise since MASTERS are very creative.

Under one of the magazines is a set of adjustable tit clamps already set to the desired tightness with a third chain to be connected to its chastity cage.  After attaching the clamps, it begins to smile as it studies the magazines. 

Tonight is the night it is to be formally collared and marked! But no other instructions or hints so it assumes the correct position at the foot of its bed and waits. Wondering what the room will look like tomorrow. Each milestone step for was the removal of something that made it what it was before and no longer needed in its new life.

Reflecting back over its journey it marveled at its good luck and realised that everything from its old life no longer mattered and that it had never been happier.  The very happy slave, was smiling and the only other sign of its excitement was the growing pool of pre-cum forming on the floor beneath its cage.

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