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My boy's stories: A boy's journal CHAPTER 2

Thursday 4 April:
My head is so full of thoughts that I think it might just bust open! Still sailing on the energy and feelings from yesterday and I hope that keeping this journal will help. God help me if Dad ever finds it and discovers how I really feel about him. Or maybe not. I just don’t know at this point. Actually at this point I just want to be with him more and more because he makes me feel so good and proud and happy and full and nasty and just stuff!
Deep breath here. Okay, let me try to focus. It is just so much to think about and here I am with this silly grin plastered to my face big enough to make my jaw sore. Or maybe that was from Dad stretching it last night. hehehe
All through classes my mind was on what had happened and even if it actually had happened. But then I would remember the feel of His foreskin and how soft it was and how I could put so much of it between my lips before I felt the hard head of His real cock head. And then there was the time when I felt a sneeze coming on so I covered my nose and mouth like you are supposed to do. But when I sneezed something came out my nose into my hand. I was ready to be grossed out but realised by the smell it was some of Dad’s load. I told the teacher I needed to clean up and ran to the toilet and used toilet paper to wipe it off my hand but didn’t throw it away. Instead I kept asking to be excused to go to the boy’s bathroom and sniffing it during the day. Like I said a crazy day for sure. I bet my classmates wonder what was going on. I told one teacher that I might be coming down with something.
After classes I ran all the way home so I could everything just perfect for Dad when He got home. I was really hoping this was not going to be one of those days when He came home early! Lucky for me it wasn’t! Anyway, I ran home and rushed around the house doing my after school chores – fed the dog, did up the breakfast dishes, took out the trash for pickup tomorrow, started to pick up stuff laying around. I grabbed clean towels from the bathroom and Dad’s favourite massage oil (I was hoping He had a hard day so I could work on Him extra-long. Sort of a birthday present to myself. Hehehe) It was when I was putting the dirty clothes in the hamper that I got distracted.
There wasn’t much in my bedroom since I didn’t have much time to mess around before all the excitement. Normally I jerk off before school so I can focus better and leave the towel under my bed but that morning no chance for that! But I got on my knees and bent over to check under the bed anyway, I discovered a pair of Dad’s underwear under there. I didn’t remember Him wearing any but there they were so He must have, right? Anyway, the only really clear things I could recall were the fear of knowing I had screwed up and the disappointment at not paying attention and letting Dad down, then the spanking and, well then I really remembered the cock – that big beautiful warm cock and the way it smelled. So there I was still on my knees with my butt in the air and I put Dad’s shorts up to my face and took a deep breath! Oh wow!! Stronger than Dad out of the shower! Sort of like concentrated Dad! I buried my face in the pocket of them and tried to imagine them still being warm and a little damp with His sweat and even tried to see if I could tell what His piss smelled like.
Well I began to get a warm feeling all over due to all the heavy breaths I was taking so I took my shirt off and noticed that my cock was stiff and dripping and making a spot on my pants so off came the pants too. I was about to lay on the bed but that seemed wrong somehow so I went back to my
knees beside the bed as if Dad were using it instead of me. I took turns sniffing my underwear and Dad’s to see if there was a way to tell if we were related. I guess when you live in your own skin you don’t notice you own smell as much. It wasn’t long until I got bored of my own smells and just worked on Dad’s. But I was still dripping tons and didn’t want to make a mess on the floor so I wrapped up my cock in my undies to catch all the dripping I was doing and sort of tied them around my cock and balls with the elastic. Hey! Don’t judge me! I’m a horny teenager and was in a hurry to get back to the smell of my Dad! Oh! Just realised how that must sound. Sort of twisted but, you know what? I don’t care! I didn’t care then and after last night definitely don’t care now!! Something that feels this good might need to be a controlled substance but is not a bad thing!
I guess I got it bad, but back to the story. I noticed that some of the material was a little bit stiffer than other parts. The not so stiff bits started in the pouch that cupped Dad’s cock and balls and went down the centre part and ended up at where Dad’s ass would just about be. No skid marks or brown spots just sort of like my sweaty t-shirts. In the pouch though there were harder spots and little yellow drips. Those were the spots that were the most smelly. (and smelled the best to me!) So I stuck my tongue out and tasted one. After all this was part of Dad too and I could not get enough.
It was good!! Not as bitter as I thought it would be. Sort of like a strong lemonade but with a buttery taste too. I licked a couple to see if they were all the same and they were. My own underwear were only just keeping my hard boy cock inside and were getting pretty damp but I was afraid to even touch myself for fear it would explode and I wanted that to happen with Dad so it was hands off! I retied the elastic band tighter and made sure both my cock and balls were covered.
It was okay because I was using both hands to hold the fabric tight and now I could focus on the crusty bits that I knew were Dad’s sweet load or pre-cum. First one little lick and then another longer and wetter one to get more flavour. Man, does my Dad taste good! The thought crossed my mind wondering how Mom could leave such a wonderful assortment of flavours. I guess by now I should have realised that I was a natural cocksucker since I had sucked a couple of guys off at school already and it was something I didn’t have to think about how to do and they both seemed to like it a lot. They kept trying to get be back behind the gym or out on the football field when no one else was around. Maybe Mom just didn’t like cock but I did and I was going to try to get more. That is for sure.
All these thoughts were running around my head while my tongue was on auto-pilot working Dad’s briefs trying to get all the flavours, even the ass sweat was a turn-on. Sort of salty and musky like Dad smelled after mowing the lawn on a summer day. Well, by now they were more than a little damp and I was having a hard time picking out the different flavours. I tried to stick them all in my mouth at one time so I could sort of chew on them.
That is when Dad started to clap and wolf whistle from the bedroom door! Oh! Crap!! I stood up and spun around and fell on my ass on the floor again but his time I must have looked really stupid. There I was with both hands trying to push His underwear into my little mouth so I could cover up what I was doing and my little dick straining against the wet underwear which were now so soaked they were practically see through, sitting on the floor with both legs out in front of me and eyes the size of dinner plates. Red is not enough of a description of what colour I went. I don’t think they have a name for the colour I went.
Blushing probably to my toes and my poor brain stuck between “What am I doing?”, “What if He thinks I’m some sort of freak?” and “Oh yes, He is home and looking even better than ever!” The last part was because He was standing in my bedroom doorway clapping but His cock was sticking straight out of His pants and dripping too! It was only for about a second but it is seared into my head the feeling of humiliation and lust and feeling that somehow it was just the way it should be. At the end of that very long second or two, l started to take the undies out of my mouth to say something and Dad first growled “Don’t you dare!!” and crossed my room faster than I could think and covered both my hands and His underwear with one of His big hairy paws and held the back of my head with the other. He was staring down at me with a big grin and a look I had never seen on His face before. A look that dared me to try and get away.
We stayed like that for an eternity and eventually I had to breathe so I tried to fight back to move His hands away from my nose and begging with my eyes. It must have worked because He just moved His thumb enough to clear my nose and I took in a few deep breaths. But I still had not tried to get up or fight back. It was as if that part of me had disappeared in His strong hold because I knew I was safer than I had ever been.
When I got my breath back I reached up for Dad’s hand again and felt Him tense until He felt me push it harder on my face. That really got a smile and broke the mood. He moved around to sit on the bed and hold me at the same time. The only way this worked was for Him to put me between His legs and rest my head on His cock. I could tell He wasn’t mad at me since He was still rock solid and leaving wet spots in my hair. Until now the only thoughts were panic but now they changed into a most incredible sense of comfort and warmth and … rightness.
Okay, that probably is not a word but it is the only way I can explain it. There I was sitting on the3 floor between my Father’s legs with His hard cock pushing into the back of my head as We held His soaked underwear in my mouth and my now soft small cock and balls held in by my own underwear now dripping on the floor because at some point I had come and didn’t even notice. And the only thought in my head was that if I died right then that was fine!
Dad, eventually took a deep breath of His own and looked down at His son in wonder and love in His eyes. His first words were “Good show, boy!” and then He chuckled and said “ I am glad you liked my birthday present.”
I was confused so I turned my head sideways and tried to look like our dog when it can’t find the ball (and started to suck the drool out of Dads undies). Dad laughed again and used the hand at the back of my head to pat me on top. (just like He did to the dog but it felt like a real compliment to me)
“Yes, boy, Birthday Your present! After this morning, Your Dad was so horny I blew another load before I went to work and left them here under the bed to give to you tonight.” (Wow! Now that was a compliment!) “but this is so much better seeing that you really like your gift!”
Then He looked down and said “Looks like someone needs to clean up a mess!” I just nodded still holding His hand to my face and sucking on His briefs. He started to bend over and take His hand away from my face and I pressed it harder to let Him know it was good just where it was. He just shook His head and used the other hand to lightly tap my nose and said “I need this one too so let
go. I promise to put it back.” I just shook my head No! and He got a sort of cross look on His face and tapped harder on my nose saying “boy, I need to use this hand for something. So please let it go.”
Again I pressed harder and started to get scared that I had ruined the mood. (I am not sure why) That is when Dad switched to the voice He uses on the dog when t messes up and said “Stop! Move your hand away. Now, boy!” That was when I learned that just the sound of His voice had more power than I imagined because a part of my brain took over and the free hand dropped to behind my back and the other one tried to follow. Dad seemed to like that since He nodded and His eyes sparkled. He loosened His hand and I started to pull the underwear out when He locked eyes with me and growled. So I left them in and put my other hand behind my back.
So there I was, on my knees with both hands behind my back and a pair of underwear in my mouth dripping drool down my chest; my Dad leaning over me to try and grab my soaked undies off my now soft cock and what happens? His armpit lands square across my face and I get a strong whiff of His pit! And my cock springs up again in a heartbeat and I take a deep breath through my nose and I am back in my happy place!

Dad stops just long enough to be sure my head is full of His scent and then finishes unwrapping my cock and sits upright again and puts his other hand under my jaws. Then using His command voice, He says “Drop!” so I open my mouth and His now completely clean undies land in His hand with a “plop!”. Dad looks a little grossed out and tosses them across the room into the laundry basket (leaving drips on the floor as they go. I told ya they were soaked!)
I watch and mark every drip so I can go clean them up later after Dad leaves. Of course Dad notices, and just laughs but pats me on the head and says “Later boy. Right now you need to do the same for this mess.” And He pushes my underwear into my still open mouth. I start to suck right away and He tells me to just hold them there. He then says “Stay!” in that voice. And I freeze in place and my tongue stops working.
He stands and moves in front of me and just looks for a minute with this strange sort of smile on His face. “You are so beautiful, boy! And you look so comfortable like that. Do you really like being on your knees in front of Daddy?” I just nod and try to say yes with my eyes. Daddy crouches down so He is at eye level and says in a serious voice “I have important questions for you, boy, and I want the truth! I will know by your eyes if you are lying to Me. Have you ever been on your knees in front of other men?”I nod yes.
“Are they older me like Me?” I shake my heads no. Dad breathes a sigh of relief.
“Do you do it often?” I shake my head no.
“How many?” and He holds up His hand and says “More than one hand?” I shake my head no.
“Good boy! Just nod when the number of fingers is correct.” Now my brain is trying to remember the exact number was it two or three or four times? Does doing two at one time count as one or two? My confusion must have showed on my face because Dad patted me on the head and says “Just relax. It is okay. I am just curious how much training my boy has had.” So He begins to hold up the fingers and I figure it is the number of cocks so I nod at four.
“So you are still learning but based on this morning a natural at it!” I beam and begin to say something when He puts His hand over my mouth again and says “No! You know better to talk with your mouth full!” So I just nod again.
God, I love it when He does that!! Why does it feel so good to have His hand over my face? I should be fighting to get away or something right? But for me, feeling His hand holding my head and being in complete control of everything feels so good and safe and I just want to close my eyes and never leave the feeling!
But again I get distracted…..
Dad said “Stay! I will be right back. While I am gone, get those briefs clean.” He stands and looks at me again and says “beautiful boy!” as He leaves the room.
I start to suck and chew and compare the taste. Eww! My juice is not nearly as good as Dad’s! It is sort of sharp and bitter. I think to myself, “maybe cum is like wine and it gets better as you get older?” But that is not right. The first cum I tasted from James, my best friend, after I lost a dare, tasted good so I wonder why mine was so bad!? I almost spit them out but figured that was the wrong thing to do so just worked up extra spit and tried to suck and chew faster.
I was still working and thinking of Dad’s arm pit when He came back into my bedroom. The view made me stop chewing and almost say something but just in time, I changed it to a moan and let some drool run out my mouth. Dad had put on His “Weekend Yard Work” shorts. The ones that I swear He wore to distract me. They were old and worn and faded around all of His package and had a rip up the inside of one leg. And I knew from many wanking sessions that the back seam was crawling up His crack and His ass cheeks were perfectly separated. I don’t know how many times I arranged it so that I could be behind Dad when He had to bend over to pick something up just so I could get a view of the lower part of one cheek showing.
Of course the real treat was when Dad crouched down to lift instead of bending over and one ball would sort of slip free and I could get just a glimpse of His sack. Once it was a hot day and there was even a few drops of sweat dripping off the hair and from the soaked seam. I just stared sort of like a deer in the headlights until Dad coughed and said “You all right there, sport? You look really flushed and like you are about to pass out. Maybe you should go get a drink.”
I just nodded and ran into the house and straight into the downstairs toilet where I beat off and came in about 30 seconds. Anyway, fast enough for me to grab a glass of water and get back outside before Dad had time to come looking for me. Isn’t it amazing what you can remember in just a second looking at someone.
So there was Dad in those shorts and nothing else except the scent He always wore when He came home from work before His shower. He nodded as if confirming something and walked over to stand above me and just at the right height for my nose to touch the pouch of the shorts. Another deep breath and I went back to sucking the ball of cloth in my mouth clean. Dad patted me on the head and said ‘Good boy!”
He leaned over enough to see behind my back and again said “Good boy! You kept them right where they should be.” He reached down (pushing that beautiful half hard cock into my face and I caught
the unwashed head scent again. Mmmm!!) and held both my hands in one of His and put something soft around the wrists. Jus tight enough to keep them together but not so tight the blood was cut off. (I later found out that it was one of His sweat bands from when He played racquetball. My Dad is so inventive that way!)
I looked up at Him with a question in my eyes because this was something new and suddenly I was not so sure about things. But Dad knew exactly what He was doing.He locked eyes with me and said two words in the form of a question “Trust me?”
When I hesitated He changed the tone of His voice and repeated “Trust Me!” but not as a question this time. His eyes were still locked on mine so I could see He was not angry and I just nodded. He smiled and patted me on the head.
He stood up and as He did He put His hands under my arms and took me with Him. Then He maneuverer us around and He sat down on the bed and left me standing. His face was about level with mine and he gently pushed the underwear deeper into my mouth. Some drool squished out and ran down my chest and into my bush. I could feel it as it ran down my chest and belly so that is why I knew where it stopped.
That was also the point when I realised I was hard as a rock! And, queue the light show as I blushed so red again and tried to move my hands to hide it but could not. They were trapped behind me and not going anywhere!
Dad laughed as He said “See I told you to trust me. They are keeping you just the way I want to see you! By the way, did you know that when you really blush it travels from here” and He touched the tops of my ears then said “to here” as He traced a line from my earlobes under my chin to my throat which He held in both hands.
“And ends up here!” He finished as He moved from my throat across my chest to each nipple! If felt like a spark short circuited across my chest when He just touched them and I took a deep breath! He circled each nipple then quickly pinched and released each one after the other alternating between them and increasing the pressure until I thought my legs would give out. I was breathing so fast I thought I was going to pass out but Dad was careful and never let me think between the electric feelings so I didn’t get scared. Instead my cock just started to drip and my eyes crossed so I closed them.
“Open em, boy! Now!” Dad said. It sounded real loud because He was about an inch from my face in that voice! They flew open and all I could see was His beautiful brown eyes and the rest of the world ceased to exist. “Don’t ever close your eyes to me, boy! I want to know everything you are feeling! Do. You. Understand?” I nodded and tried to say “Yes Dad” with my eyes. He patted my cheek and sat back on the bed. My nipples still tingled but my cock had gone soft. Thank God!
“Good! Now we have a little business to attend to, son.” He watched me for a few minutes as I tried to work out what He meant. Then He went on “You know You should have told me about the other times you sucked cock and especially when you discovered that you liked it. You know that right?”
I tried to make words but again the Voice “Not with your mouth full!” and this time a tap across the bridge of my nose. And not a soft one either. Gulp! This was getting serious! But still no alarm bells
or real fear. Instead it was as if I had been given a gift and my heart felt happy that He would take the time to correct me that way. Like I said before. Dad was never shy about spanking and punishments but it was always for my own good and He always explained that He did it to teach and protect me.
“You know you can talk to Me about anything right?” I nodded.
“You know that I love you very much and want to keep you safe right?” I nod again. And more drool falls from the underwear still in my mouth and leaves a trail down my belly.
“Then you know you need to be punished for hiding things from me right?” I nod slower this time and lower my head because all I can think is that this is the end of a great time.
“Eyes, boy!” He barks and my head snaps up.
“Good, boy!” He pats my cheek and leaves His hand holding my face. “Son, I understand that you probably thought I would be angry with you because of all the garbage that society puts in your head and maybe some of your friends threatened you if you told. Did they?” His eyes got real cold at that part and I shook my head real fast.
“Good! Because there is nothing wrong with experimenting. How else are you going to find out which sex you like best? So the lesson here is that you need to be reminded that your Dad is always here in good and bad times and to answer any of your questions. Do you agree?”
Dad is real big about the punishment being understood before the fact so that doing the same thing again is linked with a physical consequence. My friends think it is weird but it makes perfect sense to me. After all, if you get hit and don’t know why how do you not do that thing again? Or if you never get hit, how do you know that doing a bad thing carries consequences. Some of my friends are perfect examples.

But there I stood thinking about what He was saying and realised He was right. By not talking to Dad I was saying that I knew better or that He knew less. And that is soooo wrong! And I was almost in tears with the realisation and started trying to suck all the moisture out of the wet undies to hide the fact but it must have shown because He said “I thought you might. But to make it easier I have something that will help remind you that I am always around.”
With that He broke into a big grin and pulled a wadded up pair of His underwear out of the crotch of His shorts. (How did I miss that!) And not just any pair either! These had been hiding somewhere for a long time and I could smell them from where I stood. Full of sweat and musk and DAD! My eyes must have lit up like a Christmas tree because Dad gave out a belly laugh that echoed. “Boy, you have it bad for your Old Man, don’t You!?” All I could do was nod and blush (damnit!) again.
“Okay, let’s get this over with shall we?” He reached up and pulled me to Him and then turned me so I was standing next to Him. Then He laid me over His knees. He reached under me and grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them out from under me and said “I want to keep an eye on these too!” Tehn He pulls the rubbish bin from beside my bed and pulls it under my face and says “Drop!”
They hit bottom with a definite thud squish and my jaw decides to cramp up so I groan and open and close it a few times and try moving my head side to side. Dad notices and begins to massage the
muscles until it feels normal again. He asks “Ready, boy?” I nod at the floor still over His knees and afraid to speak even with the mouth empty.
He lifts me up and turns my head so He can see my face and looks at me and says “Do you have anything to say, son?” His eyes are a combination of Stern Dad doing what He knows is best and Loving Dad who is sort of afraid what His son will come out with. I just nod.
“Go ahead.” He says. And I say the only thing that matters to me in that moment “Thank You DAD! I love YOU!” Dad looked surprised and then gave me a big old bear hug. (I think He did that to hide the tear in His eye but I can’t be sure.)
“Anything else, son?” I shake my head and lean back over His lap. Again He pulls my cock and balls out from underneath and pats me on the back.
“Okay then. These have been in my gym locker for a month. Hope you enjoy them. Open!” He says and crams the smelly underwear into my mouth until they are all the way inside. “Close and bite!” The Voice I cannot refuse says. But I am so looking forward to this so I do! The taste is pure concentrated Dad and salty and a lot more flavours that I don’t have words for. In an instant, my mind and focus changes from the room and being over Dad’s knee to my mouth and the Dad buffet inside it. I am vaguely aware of Dad running one hand down my back while the other held my cock and balls.
SLAP! Ow! The first one was a surprise and hard but not brutal mostly just a surprise but I arched my back anyway. “Stay still! We are just getting started. I want you to pay attention to the pain from My hands and why you deserve it. And then think about how good Daddy can be too by sucking on the gag in your mouth between each blow.” I almost missed part of that because as He was talking the other hand had a vice like grip on my package and He was accenting each word with a quick yank.
“Nod once if you understand me!” I nodded several times trying to make a point.
SLAP! And yank! “Once boy! You are not paying attention and I did not hear you suck on the cloth after the slap.” He sighed and then said “Okay. I will give you this one but no more screw ups or I take the gag away and you can just focus on one thing at a time.” I stayed very still since I was not given a command on how to answer.
“Good boy. Now try again. Nod twice and suck once if you understand me!” Two nods and one wonderful deep breath in.
“Good boy. From now on every yes is one nod and every no is two head shakes. Understand?” One nod.
“Do you think your Dad is being unfair?”
Two head shakes.
With that Dad started in. Sometimes it was one cheek and then the other and sometimes it was both cheeks and a few times it was the cock and balls. Each time He hit the balls He said “Mine! Got
that boy?” and I nodded only once even though I really wanted to nod more times. And with my hands bound I could not even try to cover myself. That was a good thing since it kept me from trying to get away too.
He paused long enough after each one so I could suck on His underwear. I lost track of how many and was crying into the gag for real when He stopped. It took me about a minute to register that no more blows were coming and I stopped sucking on the cloth and tried to gather myself.
Dad was massaging my back and shoulders and repeating “Good boy! That’s my good boy!”
When He noticed that I was mostly just sort of sniffling, He lifted me to my knees and took my face in His very warm hands and kissed me on the forehead. That was when I noticed he had been crying too. So I leaned over and kissed His tears as best I could with His underwear in my mouth.
That made Him laugh and He said “Here, give me those.” I pushed them out with my tongue and was surprised to see that they were almost dry but very clean. Dad raised one eyebrow and said “Looks like I need to start another pair soon!” and He ruffled the hair on my head as He said it.

With no underwear in my mouth I took a chance and leaned in again and kissed Dad’s tear away properly. Mmmmm! Salty.
Dad gave me another hug and then looks at me and says “Want to do me a favour?” So I nod once (it was a habit by then).
“How about you make Daddy feel good, boy? Would you like that?” I nod once and Dad laughs. “I thought you might.”
With that He shifts us around until His back is up against the wall and His legs are on my bed (with His feet hanging off the end) and my face in His lap with my butt facing Him and my cock dripping on His chest. (Yes, the stupid thing had gone all hard again while Dad was moving us around. He even scooped some of the liquid into His fingers and fed me some. This was not too bad.) I noticed the growing wet spot in His shorts and started to go down to clean it when He said “Let me get those off first. I think I want to save that spot to remember by.”
So He wiggles and scrunches and gets them off without pushing me off the bed and there it is! His beautiful uncut cock and thick bush. There were even a few drops of liquid on His ball sack where it was dripping even though it was still mostly soft. I looked over my shoulder at Him with as much Love in my eyes as I could put there.
“Go ahead. I think you’ve earned a reward.”
So I lean down and try to brace myself but almost lose my balance since my hands are still behind my back. Dad chuckles again and holds me up by placing one hand under my belly and chest. Then He guides me up and down and all around to lick and suck just where he wants. All I had to focus on was being sure I made Him feel as good as I could. Sometimes I was nose deep in His balls and licking and sucking first one then the other into my mouth. Dad would lift me up and they would pop out like cork.
Well, they popped out that way once and it earned me a smack on the head and the command “Gently! They are not golf balls you know!” After that whenever He started to lift me p I made sure that the sort of just fell out of my mouth.
One time He pushed my head down between His legs and under His balls and I discovered how incredibly tasty the space was! I must have done a good job licking and even nibbling because Dad left me there for a while and played with my nipples and we were both moaning.
Then sometimes He put me over His cock and I got to clean first the foreskin then on the next pass a little deeper and my tongue tasted the head and I cleaned that and left it polished and shiny. The next time He held me in place just above where I was gagging and said “Use your neck muscles and show Dad how good you are, boy!” And I went up and down and round and round not caring if all the time I was drooling into His bush and soaking my bed.
All this time, He was playing with my nipples and belly button and my cock and balls with whichever hand was free. Sometimes even feeding me what He collected.
Then finally, He holds me horizontally and says “I can’t take much more teasing! Time for the finale!”. With that He removes the band holding my arms and says “Now boy make Daddy feel good like you did this morning!”
I nodded once and went to work. Going up and down and trying to lick His balls at the base and gagging a bit. Moving faster and faster until Dad took over like He did in the morning. He grabbed both sides of my head and moved it faster and deeper and held that wonderful cock deep in my throat while it wrapped around it and I gagged a sort of massage for my Dad.
It got very fat and my nose was in His sack when He held me down. And bucked His hips up into my face just holding it there and said to me ‘Shoot, boy! I know you can. Shoot with your Dad!” and He licked my ball sack which was all it took. I blew a load all over Dad’s furry chest and belly at the same time that He unloaded into my belly. I swallowed and swallowed and did not want any to escape this time so it would all become a part of me.
Eventually Dad got soft and I took a long deep breath and so did He. He patted my butt and (the sting reminded me I had been punished) and said “Turn around and clean off my chest on you way back up to my shoulder, boy!”
Getting moving again took and effort but I managed and started to lick my way from His beautiful balls and cock up through His bush and up to the deep belly button that was full of my load. I made sure it was empty and clean before moving up His “treasure trail” (I never understood that until now!) and worked on cleaning up His chest.
That took some time because of how messy it was and because I kept getting distracted by His nipples. He had to move my head away a couple of times but mostly left me to my own devices. Eventually I ended up at the base of His neck where the jaw started and I sort of collapsed there.
I don’t remember closing my eyes but I woke up to Dad saying softy “Wake up, sleepy head. We need to go to dinner! Are you hungry, sport?”
Hungry? Dinner? I was starved (what teenage boy isn’t?) but it had to be breakfast already! I looked at the clock and saw that all that had happened in about three hours’ time! Man! Talk about packing a lot into a little bit of time!

Dad saw I was awake and said “I made reservations at your favourite Italian restaurant and you can order whatever you want on the menu. That sound good?”
I nodded once and Dad laughed and laughed. He gathered me up into His arms and carried me into the shower where we washed each other and hugged each other and were almost late for dinner.
The evening was absolutely perfect and every time I went to sit down or wiggled in chair or the car went over a bump, I was reminded of what I had learned on my birthday.
My Dad is the best and that I am His and we love each other in ways that others may not understand but that I will never take for granted again.
When we got home, we were both falling asleep so I gave my Dad a long hug and a kiss on His cheek and started for my room when dad put His hand on my shoulder to stop me. I turned around and He put both hands on my shoulder and asked “How about sleeping with me tonight?”
“Do you mean it Dad?”
“Sure thing and if you can stand my snoring maybe it could happen more than once.”
Another big hug and we turned out the lights and curled up in His big bed. Best night’s sleep ever!
(Oh! It turns out Dad doesn’t snore. All the years Mom was complaining that He as keeping her awake and making Him sleep in the other room, she was waking herself up!)

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