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My boy's stories: A boy's journal CHAPTER 1

Introduction by Master: in this series of short stories, my boy is “pretending” (which is not the right word, since we pretend nothing, we do live experiences here, and he is my boy not as a role play. There is a true Dad / son relationship going on here) to be 16 yo and writing a diary about its days..with me.
Wednesday, 3 April:
What a wonderfully messed up day it has been! And my birthday too! I am so confused that I thought I might actually follow what the school counsellor says and put it down in a journal. Now where to start? I guess anywhere because that what text editors are for right?
Well, I woke up early and was real excited because, hey, you don’t turn 16 everyday do you? Only once in a life time. So I figure this is my day and I can get away with a lot today so I am going to take advantage of it. First one in the shower and took a nice long one. Was in the middle of soaping up my cock and enjoying the feeling of it getting hard when Dad pounds on the door. “Hurry up in there some of us have to go to work!”
I suppose I had been hogging it so I hurried up and rinsed off and grabbed a towel. That was when Dad used a screwdriver to flip the lock on the door and walked right in! I mean, how rude and embarrassing, Right? Anyway there I am trying to hide my hard cock with the towel and Dad walks in wearing his robe and in a rush to get to the office. He takes one look at my red face and where my hands are and just laughs muttering something about “Teenagers” before he drops the robe to the floor and turns around to start getting ready for the day. He is only wearing tighty whiteys underneath and no t-shirt so I get to see the hair on his back and the strong shoulders and killer legs he has. Now it is my turn to mutter “oh yeah!” soft enough so he cannot hear me before I try to casually walk back to my bedroom.
That is not the weird part. I’ve seen Dad shirtless heaps of times and ever since I can remember I have loved to watch and, when I could, touch his body. Especially the hair. I discovered how soft and thick his chest hair was when I was about 5 and loved the feel of it in my fingers so much I used to “accidentally” spill crumbs or a drink on his chest so I could wipe it off. I think he knew what I was doing but he just told me to be more careful and be sure I got it all.
Then when I was 10 or so he asked me to rub his back to work some knots out. He was always giving me and his friends back rubs so he told me to just do to him what he did to me. I must have done alright because that started a regular happening when he had a bad day. He would come home, go straight to the bed room and call out for me to come upstairs. When I showed up in his room he would be on the bed with his shirt and shoes off and be holding some massage oil in the air. That was my cue to straddle his lower back just above his butt and go to work getting the knots out.
Then there was the day he fell asleep as I was rubbing his back and I did not want to wake him up. He looked so relaxed and that made me happy I could do something for him. He must have had a really bad day because he still had his shoes on. So I figured he would be a lot more comfortable with them off and since they were hanging off the end of the bed it was easy to pull them off. I was not ready for the smell! I was expecting them to be stinky and sweaty and gross but instead they smelled wonderful to me. So I did what a good 10 year old boy who is trying to impress his Dad does and rubbed his feet too. He woke up part way though and told me it felt really good and I could add that to my resume! I think I smiled for the next week.
Time went on and the back massages became foot massages and then leg massages and the whole time I was enjoying not only doing something nice for my Dad but also a chance to feel his body. I keep looking for some hair to start showing up on me but not yet. Maybe I should start to pray? Anyway, now that I’m 16 and only have little bit I guess I don’t take after my Dad like I hoped. But maybe the hormones will kick in later because I really want to be just like my Dad when I grow up.
Anyway, I’m stalling and will get back to this day. I walk back into my bedroom just in time to hear Dad yell about no hot water. OH CRAP! Dad likes his hot showers and I didn’t pay enough attention to how long I was in the shower. And that is when the day started to turn strange.
I knew the drill so I dropped the towel (if I had my pants on they would have come off) and lay over the end of my bed faced down. Dad is very strict about things and is not shy with a belt. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t abuse me but there are definite consequences when I stuff up and I knew it was for my own good. (It seemed to be working since I was at the top of my class at school and all the teachers thought I was a good kid) Mom thought he was too strict and that is why she left him but I never saw a problem with it. Well Dad came out of the bathroom and I expected him to go get the belt but instead came right into my room wearing nothing.
He saw I was “in position” and said that at least I got that right before he landed the first slap on my ass. And then another and then 5 more on each cheek. By now I was holding back the tears and clenched for the next ones (the usual is 10 on each cheek) but Dad just left his hand on one cheek sort of rubbing it. Then he says sort of quiet like “You have grown up boy!” With that I felt him reach down to the space between my legs and stroke my cock. That was when I realised it was stiff as a board and dripping.
I was so embarrassed that I tried to turn around to apologise and fell onto the floor. Right on my still red and burning cheeks and just at the perfect height to be looking at Dad’s cock. It was at that moment I realised I had never seen Dad’s cock. He always wore underwear or shorts or swimsuits. Now here it was in all its glory, hard and he was uncut!! I kept saying “I’m sorry” but could not keep my eyes off Dad’s equipment. Then I felt his hand on the top of my head and heard him say “Go ahead, son, touch it if you want.” I looked up to be sure I heard him right and saw his expression. He looked curious to see if I would and a little scared and sort of like a kid too.
So I did. I reached out with one hand to touch the foreskin (I was cut, Thanks Mom) so was surprised at how soft it was. Then started to rub up and down like I did when I was getting myself off. My other hand had a mind of its own and reached up to feel how heavy his balls were. I couldn’t help myself and leaned forward to give it a kiss just as it started to ooze a single drop of clear liquid. I knew what mine tasted like and Dad’s was better – stronger – and I wanted more!
So I stuck my tongue out and under the skin and realised Dad hadn’t had time to shower yet so it smelled like piss and sweat and it made me so hungry that I put it in my mouth. Up to that point Dad was just standing there. When his cock head entered my mouth he grabbed my ears and started to push in and out of my mouth and I gagged and tried to push back but it wasn’t long before Dad filled my mouth with his load and I swallowed every drop because it was either that or drown.
After he came, Dad let me move my head and I looked down to catch my breath and realised that I was still hard and dripping and my cheeks still were burning and it all felt right. So I said “Thank you Dad for my birthday present”. That was a mistake. It broke the moment and Dad looked down at me and said “You are welcome but we both have places to get to today. So get your ass in gear, boy.”
As he reached the doorway he turned around and said “Looks like there are a lot of things we need to talk about tonight, boy. For now let’s keep this a secret just between us, okay?”
Now I am back at home and I can hardly wait for Dad to get home too so we can “talk” some more. Don’t get me wrong, I am the happiest kid in town right now and everyone at school said I looked like I was having a really great birthday. And I love my Dad more than ever because of something we both shared and it is another way I can make him feel good.
So why is it a messed up day? Because I haven’t cum yet and my balls are hurting and I want to wait until Dad gets home and I can ask him to spank me some more so I can feel my ass burning and try to cum at the same time he does. That’s not wrong is it?

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