Runtime: 11:48

Video: 1080p

Audio: standard stereo

MASTER Lupus breeding his boy

Master Lupus Breeding his boy after one year and a half


“After a long time being forced away from each other due to the pandemic that hit the world at the end of 2019, finally the moment came for some quality time in gear together. wolfy and his Master couldn’t be together for more than one year and half, so lots of emotions were going on here.

Master Lupus is a very ass-inclined top when there is a deep relationship with His sub, and likes to torment wolfy with multiple anal orgasms during a fuck. Here you get 6 ones, plus a double framing of the eruption of Master’s seed from Sir Lupus.”






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  1. slavepernatura

    Bella ripresa Padrone Wolf, una voglia di riprovare le forti emozioni che mi avete regalato nel nostro incontro reale. Se volete usarmi per un Vostro video da inserire nel Blog, sono a disposizione. Grazie.

  2. leathermate

    MASTER, a great movie – this slave felt the joy and satisfaction of the boy reunited with its MASTER after 18 months – taking HIS smoke – feeling secure between HIS legs, drinking in HIS scent, getting lost in HIS Leathers and the Power of HIS body after such a long time of only dreaming about it – longing to feel under HIS Control again and hungry to feel HIS Cock inside him fucking him hard and showing HIM the extasy that only his MASTER’S Cock can bring him – feeling the deep satisfaction that surrender to its MASTER can bring, MASTER


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