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This XXX Film is an Exclusive for the Haus Brothers. Unless you are a member of the site, the video file will remain hidden.


This filming involves a private Ritual. Available only to HAUS BROTHERS membership level. Some viewers might find the content offensive.

DISCLAIMER: The following film is not staged; it is bare footage from a real home made Ritual. Images may be strong to sensitive audience, viewer's discretion is advised.

LeatherBigWolf was born in Italy and suffered the unconsistent and violent catholic background it was embedded with like most Italian people do. This was a Ritual to say goodbye to outdated and cruel beliefs of Sin and unworthyness in order to reinterpret sexuality, spirituality and male self knowledge, throughout liberation of the symbols that come with it.

The audio of the footage is composed by the actual sound of the session, plus a processed soundscape made only with LeatherBigWolf's breathing into the microphone while in his Wolf Trance. Please do use quality headphones or speakers and turn the volume UP.

LVPVS DEI (available to Haus Brothers)

TEASER (available for all members)