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Locked in Lust: The Vice and Crotch Rocket


A male chastity device featuring Anti-Pullout System + A StrapOn System designed for it

THE VICE Description

This Chastity Device is made of medical grade polycarbonate, and sonically welded for a declared outstanding durability. Here is a link to their durability test; as they say, The Vice’s welding of the two halves withstands up to 20 psi (1034 mm Hg), which is 8.6 times more pressure than a normal erection which is only 120 mm Hg (2.3 psi). It is designed for a 24/7 chastity lifestyle, and it features a Patented textured Anti Pull-Out System to which the skin of the penis molds to in tops 48hrs. After that timeframe, it's impossible to escape the cage. The device I've bought for testing purposes is the Plus version, which accomodate larger penises; a note on this: I am 8" hung and with a good amount of girth, and I found the device to fit just perfectly my size with lots of lube to get in. I cannot assure that any penis larger than 8,5" will comfortably fit in for longer periods of wearing, especially if you are uncut as I am.

Each order includes:
  • your chosen Cage (1)
  • Rings (4)
  • Anti-Pullout (3)
  • Anti-Pullout Cap (1)
  • Spacers (4)
  • Locking Pins (4)
  • Brass Pad Lock (1) (watch out, not the standard with Master Key you find in other models)
  • Velvet Carrying Case (1)

The price of a The Vice Plus is $159.95

You can find a full description on their site, here.


Comfort (once on)80%


Sizing and Fitting50%

Customer Care100%


The Crotch Rocket Strapon is a leather Strapon support system. For what concerns sizes one size fits all (Waist: Minimum – 34″ / Maximum – 52″) and it's designed for both men and women. The custom Design of the support system makes it possible to comfortably have an usable erection (depending on the dildo you attach on it, ndr) or for easy access to genitalia while wearing it. Furthermore, it's of course designed to host caged male genitalia and the dildo comfortably, for further mind and body control of the restrained stallions out there.

For my review I got myself the 8.5" dildo, which is now not available anymore on store, but they have a selection of different ones you can choose and attach to your Strap-On System.

You can find a full description on their site, here.

Without the Dildo, the Crotch Rocket comes at $79.95


Comfort (once on)70%


Sizing and Fitting50%

Customer Care100%


Would I use them on my boys?

The Vice

Locked in Lust is a serious and experienced Company, and all of their focus is about Chastity and their Patented product "The Vice". In that sense, I would like to point this out again, as the review should focus mostly on the Chastity Device aspect, and less on the strapon, which is more of a "plus" (both for its price range, and both as it's not the Company's key product).

The Vice is a high quality and especially durable "plastic" chastity device. While the other devices are usually different pieces of plastic glued together (which can break and potentially hurt your body), the sonic welding on this piece of gear makes it nearly impossible to break. That's a very interesting feature for a product that is considerable "Cheap" in its pricing, compared to cock cages belonging to different categories (such as titanium or steel ones, made to measure and so on). It comes in three sizes for the "cage", while all of the other parts are swappable to find your perfect fit. I have found that in my case (thick meaty penis that tapers, low hangers with large sack but normal size testicles) the best combination was to have the smaller ring, the medium spacer and the large cage. Of course inside the bag after your purchase you'll get all the different sizes for all the parts (aside the cage).

Fitting the cage on your genitals isn't the easy of the tasks, but that happens with all the cages out there, especially the ones that need assembling and that are made of hard plastic. After a bit of playing around with the pieces, though, and once found the perfect fit and locked your dick with the unique and patented anti pullout system, The Device becomes immediately comfortable I must say, and it's so compact that it almost go completely unnoticed underneath clothing. It definitely shows that Locked in Lust guys know what they're doing.

The padlock is not the most standard one, and the same goes for the keys. We are not talking about custom keys and locks here, but if you loose your keys you'll need to find the exact spare one or matching one, while as we all know the "Master" padlocks and keys make it easier for people who are afraid of losing the keys (beginners) to find immediately another one. Having said that, there should be a responsible and serious Key Holder always during Chastity activities, no matter if it's only for the playroom or for a 24/7 lifestyle, so this is no big deal.

I would say that the The Vice is an incredible bang for the buck, as compared to similar famous products around it, offers twice the features at the same price range. My Review of it is very positive.

I won't comment packaging and such, as I believe we should focus on the gear and not on the commercial aspects of marketing, which is really just "packaging".

Crotch Rocket

The Crotch Rocket does its job; from a pricing point of view it's a cheap solution to get you going quickly into Strap-On adventures, and it's steady, firm and nicely designed to give you the ability to get creative if you're not caged (double penetration anyone?). Although it suffers from design point of view that I cannot abstain from pointing out, being this a Leather Culture blog. The quality of the leather used is not a bad one for an accessory that you're wearing on plain skin and for merely play purposes. Though the design of it is not sparking for the attention to the details. Being this a "one size fits all" item, unless you bring a large body, you'll find yourself with four long leather straps hanging everywhere between your ass cheeks and on the side of your hips. This is something some of you might want to know, as if you're planning to wear this on top of your other gear for display purposes during an Event (as an example), you might want to make sure if this is the item for you.

Again, it's all about what kind of bang you get for the buck. If you'd like to have a design and top leather quality strap on, you'll know you're going to spend at least 250$ on it. In this case, you'll spend less than 80$.

The Dildo I have chosen is the "Ultra Soft Dude" they sell on their website, and I must admit these Dildos are amazing. I actually couldn't hold myself from riding it to have an idea of how this smooth, textured and super soft material would feel on the inside. And it actually feels great, as what I don't like of dildos is that it feels, to me, to be fucked by a dead piece of plastic. This is not the case with the Ultra Soft Dudes, and I can assure it feels like a real dick inside of you. Now imagine to use that on a strapon, and voilà.

I therefor also endorse the Crotch Rocket and their line of Dildos, while keeping my comment on the design and leather quality of the Strap On. If you're looking for a design one, choose another one. If you want something that works, feels comfortable and is cheap, this is definitely your next buy.

Yes, I would use their gear on my boys.