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The XXX Films are an Exclusive for the Haus Guests and Haus Brothers. Unless you are a member of the site, the video file will remain hidden.

LeatherBigWolf vs BullSlave - BBQ

A casual Sunday evening. BBQ, Genital Bondage, Whipping and Knivesplay

DISCLAIMER: We are not "pornstars". If what you're looking for is random pornography, there are plenty of sites for that. On HausMeinGott you'll always find real dates, no actors, and most of all real sessions.

Nothing of what you'll see has been staged, rehearsed, planned or discussed beforehand. Our mission is to deliver to you always, with no exception, real sessions coming from real playrooms, featuring real BDSM, real emotions and real pain.

When doing knivesplay always use props and bladeless knives.

TRAILER Available for everyone

FULL MOVIE (Haus Brothers Exclusive)