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Sexual Satisfaction, Reciprocal Communion, feeling things like you did “before” the Emotional Blockage

If you’re here, it means you’ve felt a sense of diminished sexual appetite, or libido, desire, and kink thoughts; lately you’ve been minding less sex, and more practical things, wether to make your life better, or wether because you feel anxiety and uncertainty towards the future.

The fact that you’re a sub, or a Dom, has nothing to do with the fact that you feel this way.

We are all wounded, we are all traumatized. We are all in a state of shock.

So first of all, do know that I also feel this way, and I am the strongest person I’ve known; we are all alike, the fact that you’re scared and hurt doesn’t mean that you’re weak or wrong. You have the right to feel that way; the problem, I think, is that you’re not facing it. 

We are not facing it, none of us; I’ve watched military trucks on television escorting 500 bodies out of churches in Italy, where I live, because there was no place in the graveyards anymore. Those were people that lived just miles away from me, lives, families, all gone like in war time. Together with this kind of reality, the fear of catching it and infecting my spouse, the fear of dying alone in some corner of my house (because that’s how many, many people died). On top of this, the brusk interruption of all physical contacts, gatherings, sex. And then, to really make it complete, the vaste social community (including a huge part of the gay community) not giving a fuck about it, still meeting, still not wearing masks, still going to parties, and still being a disappointment. 

All of these things happened together, and they’ve happened probably together to you in your own diverse environment. and now, we are expecting for ourselves to just be able to keep functioning, going to bed, taking a shit, going to work, without falling apart? Well, I’m sure you’ve managed; I did. But at what cost?

The cost was Emotional Blockage. The way, was not to feel those emotions, not to feel the desperation, the fear, the anguish, the rage and fury and the betrayal of our brothers men, not giving a fuck, spreading fake news, slowing down the process with pointless ideological bullshit, and to still function above all this (which is still happening), we just “toughened up”. But at what cost, again? We’re all affected with PTSD, in my opinion. 

As kinksters, we are hyper sexual beings. Be it solo, with masturbation, or be it with others, we express ourselves and create our worlds throughout two things that were removed from us: creativity and emotional connection. How can we still enjoy things “the way they were before”, since we’re blocking ourselves from feeling our emotions fully? How can we be able to function fully as kinksters, if we can’t even feel our real feelings?

I wonder: this decrease of pleasure and satisfaction invested for you only the sex with others and the sexuality with others, or did it affect also your solo sessions and your masturbation? If this is the case, you should keep reading on the next chapter, clicking “I agree”.

If instead you’re enjoying solo sex like before with the same degree of satisfaction, then you should proceed to “I don’t agree”

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We typically send out a Newsletter a month, only when new content is out. No Spam, no bullshit.