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How to fold your clothes the right way

Although it might seem something minor to learn and take on as a routine, it is very important for proper Protocol. Every single routine that we take on is a way of being strict to ourselves and educated, and from the dedication to strictness and rules follows a solid structure, which are key elements in defining a Leatherman (much more than owning any leather, per se).

It comes from Army Life

As most of the structures and values in the Old Guard, also the routines and terms and notions as “inspection” and “present” they all come from Army Life; if you did your “homework”, you’ll also know that historically the whole “Old Guard” lifestyle stems from army life and in the specific how men would live together and the Structure needed for the harmony in a pack of men.

So as much as it was back then, also today as long as you believe firmly in what you’re doing, following these rules will give you overall more stability and structure and control over your day to day life.

Also, for the purpose of this article, this fulfills proper Protocol within the Household and will make you pass a formal inspection.

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