The Code: is LeatherBigWolf’s personal Old Guard inspired lifestyle Code and Laws. It is the closest to Traditional Old Guard that I can maintain. Other people might have different views. These are the Laws, to me.



A Leather Master is a man who has gone through an initiation path and Ceremony, guided by a Mentor to take the Lifestyle path seriously and with full total Commitment.

He has subbed for His Mentor and other Older Masters in the Community during his learning time.

He has learnt the value and importance of humility and has willingly given up His freedom and rights as an Alpha, during His Mentorship.

He has learnt the joys and achievement and the pains and sorrows of living as a sub.

He has been developing skills and techniques learnt from His Mentors, both directly (direct teaching and assisting Master) and passively (being on the receiving end of these skills and techniques).

He has been developing the will to absorb all of the knowledge and teachings of his Mentor, in order to become a valuable Master Himself one day.

He has earned His Leathers. Single pieces of Leather wear are gifted to the boy as he develops and matures. The Leather he wears is part of his path and experience.

He has faced His fears and have learnt how to handle them, and he knows how a sub can feel during a relationship or a Session (fear, doubt, anxiety, pain, eagerness, hunger, sore knees, sore back, frustration, happiness and more)

A real Master is never self entitled just because he feels it’s cool to be a Dom and rule people around.

Being a Master is a title you earn from your Mentors, from an Etiquette and Protocol point of view. Also, it is an achievement that you’ll unlock in yourself when you’ll know it’s time.

Being a Master includes a full comprehension of your responsibility in ruling, leading and Owning men. That’s why it’s so important to be on the other side first. If you’ll get abandoned, you’ll know what it mean. If you’ll be played with with no Respect, you’ll know how it feels. If a Dom loses his self control and you get beaten up seriously, you’ll know how shameful that is and you’ll never want to lose control.

A Good Master always has a safeword. He might decide in a tailored relationship not to unveil it until he is sure it will not be used poorly, but He will always have one.

A Good Master knows the difference between hunting for pleasure and raising and leading men. He will never play in between and will always be extremely upfront and clear with His subs.

A Good Master will never endanger His property to avoid confrontations or responsibility.

A Good Master has the capacity of entering the mind of a man and be trustworthy and respectable enough to be the carrier of all of man’s secretes and desires.

A Good Master is not a nanny either. It is in His responsibilities to care for the subs, especially upon meetings and in presence, and when Ownership is involved also be present from far away; yet, He will always state out His own rules, as long as they are clear from the beginning. Some Masters can be Daddies and Father Figures; others might not be interested at all in being that person. That will not affect the Master’s good name and quality, as long as rules are clear from the start.

A Master is a natural born Leader who has learnt to harness His own Power and Emotions first, and then will be ready to harness other’s.

For all of the hard work becoming a Master is, a Master deservers Respect from all of the subs in the Leather Community (in a submissive and honoring way) and from all of His Brothers in it (in a brotherly and not necessarily submissive way).

A Leather Master’s Duties

He will always be upfront and honest about His feelings, not into luring subs into submission or hunting for the pleasure simulating feelings as a bate.

He will give clear instructions to the subs so that they can learn a pattern.

Instructions doesn’t mean all of the time; when there are no instructions, subs will stay in idle mode (not in use, stored away or instructed differently).

He will practice what He preaches, living by the Code 24/7 as much as His life allows Him to.

He will not get Ownership over an excellent slave just because he wants it. A Master will evaluate if there is room in His life for the dedication of an excellent slave, and will leave it free if He knows He cannot give back the same kind of Commitment that the slave want to give.

He would never play Fox and grape.

He will always address His Brothers with Respects and good Etiquette.

He will never disrespect His Brother, toying with their properties without explicit permission.

However, with a normal and steady amount of Self Esteem, any Master should feel free to share their property when feeling comfortable with a Brother. This is, though, at the end, completely optional and linked to the specific kind of property.

A Master should always keep Himself satisfied and fully Loaded with the Power He developed.

A Master should also always keep His behavior within bounduaries set by Himself, about living a life which is self respectful (not poisoning Himself with too much Alchool, too much smokes, too much drugs..).

On that note: a Master should always keep his alert awake and never engage in a Session if drunk or High. A Master can drink and can lead His own Rules, as long as He won’t start a session with a compromised judgment.

A Master would not encourage chemsex or heavy recreational drugs use, as the point in BDSM is connection, and those substances are dissociative; therefor, a Master is not a junkie or into junkies, but not from a merely Moral point of view; it’s about the impossibility to enstablish a connection.

A Master who takes a slave, a sub, a boi, an omega, a beta, an Alpha or a pig into Training should take full responsibility of the teaching path He will provide, and will be ready to deal with the subject’s lack of experience in certain fields.

He will never mock or abuse emotionally or psychologically a sub for its lack of expertise or for performance, as long as the sub gave everything he had.

He will respect the slave’s rights at all times.

He will accept interruption of service and won’t abuse emotionally or psychologically the subject, given that also the other party respects the Master’s rights about dignity, Respect and aftercare.

a Leather Master’s rights

He will have His own feelings respected and will not be mocked and abused, nor He will let any sub manipulate Him into a spiral of constant blame for the subs unhappiness.

If interruption of service happens, the subject will inform the Master right away in a formal and Respectful way, informing Him about what is wrong and why the sub took this decision. This will give the Master the tools to cope with, and also the possibility to the Master to work on Himself if required.

A Master’s household, playroom, any of His properties, are His temple. All of Master’s properties, including the subs, must be kept in perfect conditions at all time. If mistreated, the Master can immediately counter react by His own laws, including interruption of service.

A Master’s health is as important as a sub’s health; Master will be kept informed immediately and without fear of consequences of any changes in the subject’s health status.

A Master’s has the right to be considered and Respected for His title, and not because of His looks, age, body shape, dick size and so on.

Older Masters’s must always be respected by younger subs and Doms in the Community. By my rules, if an Older Master requires service from a younger one, it is honorable and Perfect Protocols for the younger Master to bow down and provide service.





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We typically send out a Newsletter a month, only when new content is out. No Spam, no bullshit.