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The XXX Films are an Exclusive for the Haus Guests and Haus Brothers. Unless you are a member of the site, the video file will remain hidden.


LeatherBigWolf curates and edits these LONG (30+ minutes) trippy musical edits of His favorite porn. Ideal for long ediging and popperbate sessions, or as a background on a TV in your playroom.

DISCLAIMER: these files are edited and curated by LeatherBigWolf. They were not shot or recorded by Haus Mein Gott, and they are essentially collages made with found videos. These videos were put online freely, none of what you'll see is something private. However, if you are the owner of one of the videos on here and you do not appreciate your presence on Haus Mein Gott, just drop us a line and we will edit out your clip from the montage.

5 Minutes Version FREE & DOWNLOADABLE for everyone

30 + MINUTES FULL VERSION (Haus Guests and Haus Brothers Exclusive)