Re enstablishing connection between men

We believe in man to man connection and in Respect, Loyalty and shared love and affection. We believe that Adult Services for men should not be cold, judging situations about financial transactions. We offer our clients the best of the services that we master, and in enstablishing long lasting friendships based on mutual care. While this normally happens between the members of our Club, these experiences are also available by Booking.


Known online and offline as LeatherBigWolf for years of activism and education on Old Guard BDSM, Master Lupus is an experienced Counsellor and Master/slave Trainer. 


Gong Master, Shaman and Professional Massage Therapist, Mariano is specialized in the male body and soul connection and is a Tantra and Reiki operator.


Master Lupus (online LeatherBigWolf) is an experienced Master who followed the Old Guard path to become one, starting as a sub for His Mentors at the age of 18. He has completed His education path at the age of 25 and since then runs this website and is a Educator, Sir, Owner and member of a Leather Family. 

While is not generally needed to pay for any of these services if you are a friend or an acquaintance, they are also available at your convenience if you want to professionally book them.


You want to learn Hypnosis and mindfuck? Bullwhipping? Fetish Film or Sound editiing to include in your Sessions? You want to learn to tattoo or use fireplay? 


If you have read Sir Lupus’ blog, you might have felt like he is a person you can talk to and seek help to better understand yourelf, your fetish needs and to accept them without shame. This is possible also over via Skype.


If you know Sir Lupus’ and want to buy yourself an intense, real and authentic BDSM experience crafted and tailored on your wildest fantasies, Sex Work strictly for BDSM is available as well


These rates for what technically is Escorting are the following. Consider that Master Lupus only escorts for BDSM. No vanilla sex is going to be accepted. If you’re a novice and you’d like to be introduced slowly, that’s possible, but he doesn’t take appointments for a blowjob or just fucking. 

The whole idea behind Sex Work for Master Lupus is his capability of bringing sexual fantasies to reality. It’s a custom adult service, not a quickie; hence, the prices.


Master Lupus, like every Leather Master, has His own specialities. These techniques have been acquired and studied by His Mentors during a period of 6 years of subbing. As a law, He says “I wouldn’t ever do on another man something I hadn’t on myself first.”.

The techniques which can be taught during Workshops (personal or group ones) are:

  • Whipping
  • Hypnosis
  • Mindfuck
  • Video & Audio creation for sensationplay
  • Coaching for Doms & subs

He is not a Rigger, nor an expert in Electro, so these two activities can’t be taught. The setup for these kind of services is always different case to case, so we encourage you to have a chat about your needs and we can create a custom solution for you.


A great part of Training a Leatherman is communication. Only through lots of open, completely honest clean dialogue a man can find the peace and freedom that are so often denied nowadays.

Everytime we speak, we worry about being judged, about revealing secrets, about our kinks and how may them be perceived, about our true desires and more. With counselling, you’ll have a person to talk to about the things you need help with, and get more centered, happier and self-aware.

While Sir Lupuss has also studied psychology, it is not qualified as a psyochologist, psychoterapist, psychiatrist or medical doctor. Studying psychology has been a part of his education, but most of the knowledge that will be used in these sessions simply come from the long work of introspection, experience with other men, spiritualism and meditation.

Master Lupus is a Certified Counsellor and costantly keeps His studies updated.




Professional Massage | Naked Massage | Tantra | Naked Yoga | Gong Bath | Reiki


Counseling | Edging & Cum Control | Escorting | BDSM Worshops | BDSM Sessions


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