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The Traditional Gay Leather Culture. Protocol, Respect, BDSM and Education.

Haus Mein Gott is a website for adult men who are part of the BDSM and Leather Community, founded and created by LeatherBigWolf.

This is the website of our Gay Leather Community (although some of us are gay, some bisex, pansexuals..) and offers primarily education on Old Guard Leather Culture and Lifestyle, but also REAL SESSIONS movies and professional photography and videography.

Haus Mein Gott

Quote of the day

A Muir Cap is a sacred symbol of a MASTER’S Authority and Power – it can never be worn by a slave – it defines the Power of a MASTER and immediately makes this slave aware of its own status and obligation to show Respect and Obedience.

Gay Leather

What is Old Guard Leather?

Hello, I am LeatherBigWolf, called Lupus, and I am the man behind this website together with my Leather Family. If you want to know more about our vision and Old Guard Leather, go to this page.

This is a website for men who believe in this lifestyle with all of what they are. If you’re a new guard person or a party weekend warrior, feel free to leave. We don’t expect you to like our views, but we believe we should all exist and be able to voice our different minds.

Enjoy your entertainment and education.

Master Lupus


Who is a Leather Master

Who is a Master?

Nowadays all sorts of gay men say “they are Masters”. They usually are just potheads wanting to get money as a game. What is a real Master according to Old Guard Leather?

Bootblacking and Boot Worship

Bootblack 101

Discover how to properly take care of Motorcycle Boots, how to polish them and respect them the way you should.

Who is a Leather slave

Who is a slave?

“Slave” is not a play-a-game term for when a bottom is in the mood to get fucked the way he wants. A slave is one of the most honorable titles in Old Guard Leather. Discover what it really means.

Toxic Queer Culture

When did Queer culture become Toxic?

Nowadays, if you don’t spill the tea, if you don’t watch Rupaul, if you don’t need to copy and paste other cultures costantly, you’ve become the enemy. Here’s why.



Leather Big Wolf Breeding his boy

Hard Slave Domination

A warehouse Session of Discipline and Cock Worship, with pissplay, head bondage and fireplay.

Slave whipped and trampled

Hard Whipping Session

Night time Session with the slave of the house. Whipping, Watersports and more.

Gay BDSM movies Haus Mein Gott

Reindeer & Master Lupus

Hypno Session and editing for this intense energy play Session.


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