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Project Description


From time to time I like to sing, sometimes I record what I sing. I’m no singer, and to me it’s just a way to express feelings, not differently from the reasons why I started working with visuals.

Lana del Rey is currently one of those artists that catch my attentions because of the sound an the lyrics. This song from her Album “Lust for Life” really touched deep inside me, and as to what I describe as Wolf ( ) , and after I sung it, as usual without filters and just bare “live”, I needed to associate visuals with my feelings in that song.

So after a weekend I self produced and realized this “music video”. Which is much more, to me, like a visual carpet of my feelings.

Project Details



2 thoughts on “FILMS – CHERRY”

    • I am flattered by your comment. I believe I do not sing well at all, but the meaning of the song and of the video is important to me and also Fetish wise 😉 Thank you a lot !

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