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LeatherBigWolf smoking beast gay leatherman musclebear hairy


My name is LeatherBigWolf, at the time of these shooting I am in my late 20's. I've been a living a 24/7/365 strict Leather and BDSM lifestyle since I was 19. I wear my leather not only for sexual enjoyment, actually I wear it more often just to relax at home. I am proud to be a LeatherMan and a Primal, and to be a loving and caring member of my community to my Brothers and Sisters.


By Francesco Macarone Palmieri, Aka WARBEAR. Analisi di un passaggio, ad un anno dalla morte. A Berlino vieni se hai bisogno di scremare il teatro quotidiano della tua vita. Vieni se vuoi avere un approccio alla logica basato su dialettiche ferme.Vieni se vuoi respirare quanto la storia finisca ogni giorno. Vieni se vuoi vedere la disintegrazione sociale dei turchi abusati dal mercato tedesco del lavoro.Vieni se vuoi vedere donne libere di notte e donne schiave di giorno. Vieni se vuoi essere investito da una produzione culturale senza soluzione di continuità dove la proposta ha un profilo altissimo e vive di povertà ed escamotages. Vieni se vuoi vivere le tracce della memoria di un oriente freddo. Vieni se vuoi veder piovere caratteri cirillici. Vieni a vedere il fallimento del multiculturalismo. Vieni a vedere il fantasma nazista aggirarsi nella paura tedesca. Vieni se vuoi avere un infarto con dello speed in pasta.


"While I am a true leather lover, that goes for my human side. Leather is still something you wear, and wearing garments is something extremely human (read more here about Leather). Wolves don’t need to wear anything else than their own skin and fur and claws. So why latex? I’m not a latex fetishist, but there is something uniquely different about it, when compared to leather.


Max at the time of this shooting was very young and most importantly, it was his first experience with fetish wear in rubber. Actually, it was his first experience with rubber. It was great fun to work with him side by side with my good friend Zander Craze, who was more confident and at ease in rubber although it was the first experience for him too. But let's admit that it's not easy to just blankly hop into a straightjacket or a bodybag and just keep it cool. Max actually did, and the shooting went gorgeously. This is a selection of the pics portraying Max that were used for the website. Indeed, a truly hot Rubber boy.


We worked on this gig for Wet Hot Rubber and we had loads of fun. He interpreted the Dominant side of the couple in this shooting and it was his first time in rubber. We loved every bit of this shooting, and here is a selection of the pics used for the website.


LeatherBigWolf is the owner and Creative Director at HausMeinGott, and is an Old Guard Leatherman, Activist and Adult Model. This short campaign has been shot, edited and deployed in a one day stream of work, on the rush and need to bring his own two cents against two big cancers in the GLBTIQ community and in our general society: roleshaming and slutshaming. Be free to be yourself, and don't take this right away from others. Love your Brothers and Sisters, be the change.


From time to time I like to sing, sometimes I record what I sing. I'm no singer, and to me it's just a way to express feelings, not differently from the reasons why I started working with visuals.


I loved the shooting also as he co starred with me in the CAZZO FILM project I was working on in Berlin, a documentary about Leather Culture and Master / slave relationships.


I got to know Sir Jochen (MasterBaer on recon) during Folsom Europe 2016, and we quickly became good friends. He is a Leatherman who's been out of the scene for quite a long time, and just re entering it since one year at the time the summary is being written. He actually moved to Berlin to live his Leather Lifestyle and to find more friends and Brothers. Once He came to visit me in Italy for a week of sightseeing and tourism, and in the process he asked for some portraits. I was very happy to shoot Him. I have also re introduced Him to cigars smoking which He never really dig deeply into in the earlier days, and now we always share a cigar when we meet in Berlin. Wolf


Haus Talks are a series of "talk shows" in which people revolving around the Haus talk about Fetish, Society and Culture related topics. This first one features me (Wolf) and my good friend Athion; as usual when we get to meet, it's an improvised thing, and we decided to go over our thoughts about PRIMAL FETISH. We hope to kickstart a conversation about it, as we are always happy to hear your own ideas, and the whole sense of my mission is to keep alive Leather, BDSM and Fetish Culture, especially between young people and new generations. Please visit for more info, media and fun content. Also, here are a couple useful articles that have been mentioned inside the haus talk. Sincerely, LeatherBigWolf.


A quiet afternoon in LeatherBigWolf's household. boy dirk is bootblacking Wolf, Master Daniel comes by for a kiss before bringing pup jack back to his parents. We set 4 cameras to record the thing as Wolf voiced over, after audio was lost. The idea is both to show that Bootblacking is much more than mere shoe-cleaning service, and to share Wolf's personal views over it, and both to give a minimum insight on how to take care of your Boots. Of course, this is not the only way, boy dirk is not a Bootblack, and we are just showing this family's specific activities and beliefs.

FILMS – Mr Leather Italy for MLE

Fabrizio, Mr Leather Italy 2017, brought this Boot Worship performance at the official Mr Leather Europe contest in Amsterdam. We filmed it before it was done there, in our studio. We are proud and honored, and can't wait to shoot more of these two super hot Leathermen! Proud, Out, Loud!


Excited to shoot this sexy couple of Fetishists, sad not to have the permission to publish the whole photoset, but damn... these men rock!


Met during our Co-Starring in CAZZO FILM BERLIN - Saukerl Berlin Productions "BLACK COLLAR" movie, Rexxon is one of those Leathermen who wears the Gear with passion and looks boiling hot. Here is the second photo session we took during Folsom 2018's early days, directly on the streets and in front of some iconic places such as New Action Club. Loved to work for him, as usual.

Easter Berlin Gay Leather Fetish Week BDSM Session Daddy on son pain fisting sado maso model

B & Z in Berlin

This hot Leather Daddy called me up for a photoshoot during Easter Berlin 2018. He told me it was him and his boy, and that they wanted a sessions shooting.

S & M in Berlin

I was invited to document this very hot Sessions between Master S and His slave boy M; slave worshiping his donkey dick and big nuts, flogging, PP, TT, CBT and much more.


It is no secret: Bruno has been my wet dream since I knew him, back when I was barely nineteen. Phisically, he is the emblem of masculinity to me. In his late 50's, he is very tall, strongly and welt built, with large bones structure and it shows he had big muscles once, replaced now by a strong muscular Daddy'ish body with a solid, rock hard oval belly. His hands are work of art, and made to destroy things. Take a look at those weapons, people. He is very handsome, with a nice brown voice, and a very difficult temper. But once you get to know him, he is a very good and fair man too. Last but not least, I'll just say: take a look at his junk please ;)


Rasmus and Al are two of my Leather Brothers. They are a wonderful couple, and share a true, raw, deep passion for Leather. They wear their Langlitz's as much as possible during random evenings at home, enjoying beers, smokes and chats. When they come visit me, it's always about BBQ, drinks and smokes in gear. They are now moving together back to Denmark, and before going we decided to finally take the time to put down the pints and the cigs and to work on some visuals and memories.


Paul was one of the last customers in 2016. He is a submissive bottom living in north west Italy. Very kind, attentive and polite, he walked in in the studio a bit shy and nervous about the shooting, pointing out though that he was kind of used to be under the lenses as when he was younger, he modeled from time to time. After the first shots I saw he couldn't let go and the he would keep staring at my crotch between the discussions we had. Sometimes to make at ease a customer, especially during a fetish shooting, the best thing to do is to help them be themselves. So I applied just a light touch of Dominant behavior on him, and bam. Magic. He was on all 4's wearing leather hoods and restrains, barking and rolling, asking for my Boots to be on him.


Karl has been my very first customer; the consequence is that the amount of pictures that I see fit as a matter of image quality for Haus Mein Gott is very limited, but still there are three of them that I absolutely want to keep and sport out. Karl had a very nice pierced dick, as you can see from the picture, and what amazed me was his thrill for the exhibitionism, how excited he was to be portrayed in that fashion. His cock never went down for a second, and was leaking everywhere rock hard, even though at the time he was only submissive. Also, he looked great in his leathers. I like to see these pics as my first step in fetish photography, and I will always been affectionate to them.


After lots of talking and some trying on different things, his personality started to come out. Just like a child that mixes up different toys in the absolute freedom of discovery, he mixed up femme gear with heavy duty gasmasks in rubber and leather harness. 


Max is a Dominant top that I got to know as a side kick of a professional event that brought me to expose photographic work in Turin, in 2013. We had more than a few drinks together, and we bonded a lot. I consider him one of my many beloved brothers. He wanted some new pictures for his profiles, and so what better occasion to see each other again? He came to the Haus and of course it was a very fun shooting. This pictures are still some of my favorites from those years, and I still want to steal him his combat boots.


"The Master I am is caring. I am a very self controlled and balanced person, I never get high or drunk when handling my boys, I love listening to them, trying to be helpful, and I’m pretty keen to be a father rather than a Boss.


Athion is the name of the still embryonal (as of today, early 2017) primal that lives within one of my very best friends. He is a very sensitive and intelligent young man, of whom I have strong esteem and to whom I have been kind of a figure of reference to what concerns the world of BDSM, primals and Leather Culture. His drive has always been more the archetypical and the anthropological one. His curiosity and his will to learn and dive in new things is one of the best features I like in him, and not only that. We are actually great friends; our friendship started with a photoshoot, and we are bringing this tradition on, taking pictures one to the other.


Joe is a dear Family's friend. We have been talking for years to take a nice shooting of him, but at the end it never happened. Finally after 7 years of talking about it we did. He is passionate about Uniforms and Cigars, is a Dom top from southern Italy. Between Wolf and him there is a sort of friendly competition about who's on top, and this have always spiced up both the friendship, and both the photoshooting. Some of these pictures have been featured on social channels of Berlin Cigar Men.