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Photographic Stories


Folsom Berlin is the European version of the original Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Featuring a whole week (although it's officially a weekend) of events and gatherings for the international fetish community, it is one of the most important event in the world today for feitshmen (and women).


A queer / punk / raw party. Out. Loud. Proud. "Fuck Trump, let's DANCE!" they said in their advertising when I was requested to cover this party. A reportage of the incredible, violent, passionate and powerful Hellbound Men Production first party, House of Hell. Great location, Officina Club Padova. The project has been afterwards canceled, but boy, it was fun to watch this group of creative young men trying to make a difference in the local gay scene.


Berlin has always been a strong symbolic place and a powerful catalyst of emotions for me. Not only because it is today the European cradle of Fetish venues and culture, but also for more personal related stories. The SIRS I respect, the subs I've used, the tears of pain and of joy that were shred there. It all stays there, and I bring it all back in my heart. I tried to take a snap each time I went the day I had to leave, but as of today, only few pictures survived. Here they are. Me, Leaving Berlin.